The Election

I was especially interested in the outcome of three contests: President, my neighborhood representative to the city government, and California Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage proposition. Most election years, I tend to bat around 1 for 3. This year I went 2 for 3. I was happy with Obama’s win, as well as that of David Chiu, the candidate for Supervisor here in San Francisco District 3. I was dismayed that Proposition 8 passed.

A lot of people are exulting over the end of the brutal eight-year-long reign of Cheney and Bush. I take a longer view. My hope is that it turns out to be the end of a 28-year period of darkness that began with Ronald Reagan. (More on that eventually.) My wife Judy and I don’t have a television, so we’ve heard Obama speak only a few times. Frankly, I hadn’t been all that impressed. But the speech he gave at Grant Park was remarkable. I thought he was much more truthful than politicians generally allow themselves to be. I have little doubt that I’ll experience disappointments with Obama. Once you’re in power, everything changes. But I anticipate that, on balance, he’ll be a decent president.


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