Complaint Department

Now that I have a blog, I have to think of things to write about. That’s not difficult. I have plenty of opinions. But I’ve been having a problem in that nearly everything I’ve been wanting to say is in the nature of a complaint, which is tiresome. They’re not complaints about my personal circumstances, which are fine, but about this country. I’ve been constantly appalled by conditions in America ever since the election of Ronald Reagan, when right-wing ideology began its relentless drive toward the dead-end we find ourselves in today. I have some hope that change might be possible now. It’s not that I think Obama is the messiah or anything, but with the forced retirement of the right wingers, if we’re lucky, we’ll see an ebbing of the ruthless materialism of the last 28 years. That’s an absolute necessity if we’re ever to find a sane approach to life.


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