Buddha is Waiting

Most people assume that if you quote Jesus, you must be a Christian. Or if you quote Buddha, you must be a Buddhist. Others insist that if you don’t call yourself a Christian, you have no right to quote Jesus, which is nonsense. Christ and Buddha are the same. They are different bodies living in different times, but they have the same mind. Strictly speaking, there is no Buddhism and no Christianity. The true religion has no name. It’s universal law, the way things actually happen. The Japanese Zen Master Suzuki Roshi said the same thing on several occasions. I won’t go any farther into my own thoughts on the subject right now. This is merely a preface for a Suzuki Roshi quote that I like very much. I find it humorous. From Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness:

Even to create one page of new dharma is very difficult. Even though you feel that you have invented something new, the Buddha is always waiting there for you. Buddha will say, “Oh, come here. Good for you! Come nearer to me. I have some more things for you.” It is very hard to surpass his teaching.

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2 Responses to “Buddha is Waiting”

  1. Emily Says:

    I have a favorite bumper sticker… GOD IS TOO BIG TO FIT INTO ONE RELIGION… As soon as you create a religion or an earthly being (Buddha or whoever) you have made a container. The very concept of God as ALL immediately renders any “container” false. There is nothing within which ALL can be contained, explained, or even named.

  2. markbittner Says:

    Mmmmmm…I agree with this. But I would want to remind that the accomplishments of a Buddha or a Christ need to be honored and understood. I think it’s quite difficult to know what they were really saying. There is layer upon layer of meaning that isn’t covered in books and church religions.

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