Bush! Bush!

Judy and I live with two members of the wild parrot flock, both of whom have permanent disabilities. Whenever any of their wild brethren are in the area, the two start screaming. I’ve been working with a speech recognition program, hoping that it will make the task of responding to e-mail less onerous, and it’s funny how the program responds to their screams. Around 90 percent of the time it translates each scream as Bush.



2 Responses to “Bush! Bush!”

  1. leigh anna summers Says:

    hi, I’ve been watching your doc, “the parrots of telegraph hill”, i cried at the end the relief that came knowing that you had been found and were loved and also that what found you had to have been destiny. i hope you and yours are hanging in there and finding yourselves in one another every chanceyou get.
    I once had a parrot i hand raised him from a bottle,he called me mommy, on the evening of his death he cried for me unconsoliably for two hours , mommy, mommy, mommy., I wept with him and he died in my breast. i have a few of his feathers and think of him everyday, his name is “sweet pea” i miss him terribly and wish i could have saved him…..he depended on me therefore he loved me….thank you for your time and effort involving the birds, our friends… you just helped me reaffirm my love for life as it is …..pure and simple

  2. Margaret Says:

    My son said, “Animals and birds are always innocent.” He didn’t mean this in the Disney sentimental sense, but was trying to describe their purity in being so grounded in their true natures. I think this is a big reason why we love them. And yes, I think we often love best the ones who need us the most.

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