Back from Mexico


Four Musicians in the Town Square

Four Musicians in the Town Square

I just got back from a week in Mexico. It was restful, and now I’m ready to get back to work on my book. The strangest thing about my return was coming into contact with all the political arguments going on in the media. Once you’ve been away from them for awhile, they don’t sound very intelligent. I’d like to ignore it all. But I know I won’t.


5 Responses to “Back from Mexico”

  1. Piper Says:

    Try being away from the media for a few months. The level of absurdity even in non-argumentative news is amazing.

  2. embee Says:

    Whoa, wrong time to visit Mexico! (Not that anybody knew about the Swine Flu over a week ago.) I hope you’re well and there are no after-effects.

    • markbittner Says:

      I’m fine. We were only a few miles over the border. It was a freebie, and all I did was rest and swim. I’d been feeling like my head was a radio not quite on the station.

  3. Chandani Diaz Says:

    We have family in Mexico but have not been able to visit them in 11 years (we used to come and go freely) – why? We would put them at risk for being kidnapped if it was known they had relatives in USA or Canada. Lives are worth about $200 – that’s it. And I am particularly close to my husband’s Mexican family – I love them. At best, we can only communicate via anonymous phone card from a phone booth because Telmex (the ONLY telephone company in Mexico) is thoroughly bought out by the Cartels (as is Aeromexico). I have a nephew who says if we’d just legalize drugs all this nastiness would disappear….trouble is, these guys are not Boy Scouts – they make money a lot of other ways besides drugs: credit card fraud (of which we happened to be victimized), kidnapping, prostitution, “coyote fees”, money laundering, racketeering – their motis operandi is no different from the Russian Mafia. We miss Mexico so, so much but would not put Nando’s family in jeaopardy by visiting and God knows they CAN’T visit USA – US consulates almost never issue tourist visas.

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