The Best Economy

I find the current arguments about capitalism and socialism tiresome. Both systems are blind to their effects and therefore dangerous. Today’s economic machinery demands constant attention, constant labor, constant learning of new skills. The worst part all the devotion of time and energy to maintenance is that it diverts us from our true task in life.

Existence is a Great Riddle. What is existence? What does it exist in? If you think about it too hard and in the wrong way, it can drive you insane. But we are not to take it for granted. It’s vital that we understand the Great Riddle.  Many people consider this a purely scientific question. But science can never come to grips with it because, despite appearances, the Universe is not fundamentally a material “thing.” The riddle is a spiritual issue. Happily, its resolution cannot be found in dogma, churches, or books. The only place we can find that answer is inside ourselves. This is an ancient belief—ancient because it’s true.

During the time that we are suspended between the twin poles of life and death, we’re supposed to try to understand what we’re doing here. To me, the best economy is one that enables human beings to provide for their essential needs while at the same time allowing us the freedom to explore and to appreciate reality. People say, “So, what’s your plan?” I don’t think it needs to be systematized in advance. The best way is to work in a direction that has integrity and to let things come into being as the need arises, organically and on-the-fly. It requires that we be intelligent, courageous, and just. Why shouldn’t we be that way?


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2 Responses to “The Best Economy”

  1. Bob Seal Says:

    Hello Mark, I think your view is spot on. When I was 15 my father asked me in a state of despair “what is life all about” He was around 50 and I thought, if he doesn’t know, what hope is there for me to know the answer to this question.
    From then on I began a search to try to understand. It seems the search found the answer in something called Advaita Vedanta (non-duality). The irony is I was 50 by the time the answer appeared. 🙂
    Life is now just being lived and enjoyed like a good wine.
    The Tao has the same flavour as advaita vedanta and the beautiful words of Rumi also.

    Someone gave me a piece of writing called the “hsin hsin ming”
    This text pointed the way.

    Warm wishes to you and may your writing enrich you.

    Here’s some of my nonduality toons.

  2. Kate G. Says:

    Well said…er,written…Mark. The more I tried to control the direction I was going in, the more resistance I encountered. Maybe the best economy has something to do with spending one’s time wisely and generously.

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