Today’s Religious Thought

There’s no difference between Buddha and Christ. Same mind, different bones. But there is a difference between Buddhism and Christianity.

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3 Responses to “Today’s Religious Thought”

  1. embee Says:

    These religions are two unimaginably huge mountain ranges which your post juggles from fingertip to fingertip…maybe it’s my slowness, but I need more flesh on the bones of the post to understand.

    • markbittner Says:

      There’s one truth, and any mind that apprehends it is the same. But that one truth is ineffable—impossible to describe using words. These religions have been created by followers who argue about the descriptions, the interpretations, the politics, etc. We’ve never really heard much of what Buddha or Christ actually said. We’ve only heard it through others, many of whom have had a particular axe to grind. Augustine springs to mind. We need to find the truth with our own mind and body, not in somebody’s book. That’s what religion is really about.

      This understanding is not unique, by the way. I’ve been hearing it all my life. Over the last fifteen years or so I’ve been seeing just how accurate it is.

  2. Chandani Diaz Says:

    We are Hindus and we see that there is only ONE God (we Hindus may have different “names” for each facet, just as a parent has: brave, loving, kind, etc.) – our best friend is Tenzing – a Buddhist monk who visits Dharmasala annually and is very close to Dalai Lama. Our guru is another, but we are also members of the Interfaith Society here in our small town and just heard a lovely presentation by the Ahmadyya Muslim Community that wants PEACE. In Hinduism we “abide” (that is our “thing”) – and we can’t fully understand how some people claim THEIR way is the ONLY way – we all climb the same mountain to God (except I have a sister who does not believe in any Higher Power; that’s her problem and also her right)…….some climb from the East, from the WEST, from the NORTH, from the SOUTH – what difference does it make from which direction we come??? We are all FROGS leaping into that vast ocean. We are Hindu frogs, and others can be Buddhist or Christian frogs….the OCEAN is where we all are headed

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