Really Real

I’ve been having a difficult time posting. I see plenty that isn’t right, but I’ve been wanting to avoid posting complaints. In the last two or three weeks, though, I’ve been feeling more hopeless about the direction this country is taking. Sometimes I think we’re heading for civil war. The problem is that nobody is interested in what’s true. People are either completely apathetic—diverted by their play things—or devoted to some idea or position that is bigoted, poorly thought out, exclusive, and from which they refuse to budge. Compromise won’t solve a thing—although some tolerance would be helpful. What we need is to drop all our a priori assumptions, start questioning our own beliefs, and make an honest effort at finding out what it is really real. People can unite around what is clearly true. If we don’t do it, we’re going to degenerate ever more deeply into a nation of warring camps. Sometimes I think that would be a good thing. It would cripple our power—and we have become too powerful, too dangerous. But I believe that chaos and violence cause more problems than they prevent. So I cannot hope for it. But wouldn’t it be weirdly ironic if the right wing, which clearly wants to destroy a large faction within this country, were to bring about that state?

We often think that greatness means “rich and powerful.” But that’s not true. Greatness is the ability to look beyond one’s own self-interest. 


3 Responses to “Really Real”

  1. embee Says:

    Yes. It’s as if a growing number of people think that reality is whatever they prefer to believe. There’s something deeply frightening about tens of millions of supposedly “normal” people in our country having thought processes no more rational than the out-and-out insane.

  2. Weltzin B. Blix Says:

    Yes!! To many with insatiable appetites. Not enough resources to support the rampant greed. I’m with Bill Maher – …”why is constant growth necessary?” True sustainability, balance and harmony must become foundational to our personal philosophy or you can kiss it all goodbye. Three and a half billion more people on this planet before mid century is a real train wreck!

  3. Laurie White Says:

    Geez, what is real? I try to use my heart as my real-o-meter, but sometimes, most times, I’m just lost in my head, thinking, analyzing, criticizing, comparing, forgetting to be present. And if it’s hard for me, it’s got to be nearly impossible for many, and highly unlikely they’re even remotely interested. If I believe there is capacity for infinite good in all people, what can I do to help draw it out? There are many blockheads out there building walls with their heads.

    Thanks Mark for posting. My family and I just watched The Wild Parrots, and we were all inspired and moved by your story and relationships. You are helping people by example. Thank you.

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