Socialized Medicine

Today I went to a downtown rally in support of changes in the health care system. Just a few minutes before leaving for the rally, I learned that a friend, a new friend, was seriously injured in a bicycle accident a few days ago. She’s in a coma and currently her prognosis doesn’t look good at all. The way it should work is, if you have an accident or a health issue like this, you should simply be taken care of. That’s all. There should be no other consideration. It shouldn’t bankrupt you or put you out on the street or anything. If that’s socialized medicine, then I favor socialized medicine—enthusiastically.

While Judy and I were at the rally, there were cars passing by, and the drivers were generally either supportive or apathetic. There were a few who opposed us, though, and those who did had looks of intense hatred on their faces. I could say—conventionally—that I was shocked by the vehemence of that hatred, but it wouldn’t be true. I grew up in this country—grew up among those very people. I know who they are and where they’re coming from. Any one of them could end up in the same situation as my friend and quite possibly either be ignored by or have their lives ruined by the current medical system. I doubt that it occurs to them, though. They are not introspective. They don’t believe in thinking about their lives.



3 Responses to “Socialized Medicine”

  1. Aurelle Says:

    Mark, I hope your friend will be OK. Yesterday I saw a Cooper’s hawk swoop down on a dove in our yard and carry it off, still strugging, into the woods across the street. It made me think how the fragility and uncertainty of life are deep truths embracing every one of us. I’ve been noticing too the anger and hostility that people in my environs are showing, more and more openly; it’s really very sad.

  2. Kenzo Says:

    Mark, it’s never over till it’s over. I suffered a stroke 5years ago and am still recovering every day. I wasted a lot of time being angry, I send my thoughts to your friend. I recently watched the documentary on you and the parrots. I found it fascinating. I enjoy reading your blog entries and agree with your opinions on religion and politics. I wish you much success, I wish I had the strength you have.

  3. Chandani Diaz Says:

    We had a CHANCE to migrate to Canada about 20 years ago and DAMN us for not doing so. I have half my family up there and see the big difference between health care in Canada and USA – those down here who are jaded by the Ins. Companies claim that Canadians do not receive any real benefits. These are FACTS: if one has an elective surgery (knee replacement, for example) one is placed on a 6-10 month waiting list in Canada. BUT if one has a life-threatening illness – one is treated IMMEDIATELY. My cousin’s neighbour’s daughter had a brain tumour that was life-threatening and there were no brain surgeons free in Toronto that day….the Canadian gov’t. flew her by helicopter to Buffalo where she received the surgery and flew her back when it was all over for therapy – in short, she is FINE now. In this country we find more and more that our health ins. companies are looking for “exclusions” and means of “eliminating” or even “declining existing clients”. I know, I know – a LITTLE of Michael Moore as a filmaker goes a long way, but it’s quite clear in “Sicko” how much US Gov’t cares for its people and in his most recent “Capitalism, A Love Story” – we learned about something called “dead pauper insurance” – oh, not something a company would help one’s relatives with when one died, but a “bet” (as gamblers) that the employee would die…meanwhile said employee had no knowledge their employer was betting on this. Sorry, I can’t go on, it sickens me to think that the RICHEST country in the world doesn’t give a heck about its people!……health-wise.

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