More on Politics and Religion

Jesus said you cannot love both God and mammon, for you will inevitably hate one and love the other. “God” does not mean some white-bearded dude up in the sky. “God” means truth, integrity, justice, and compassion. Mammon means money and fame. The trouble with the Democrats is that they attempt to love both, so they’re always in turmoil and confusion. The Republicans confine their love to mammon—to mammon alone. That’s why they’re able to be so disciplined. But it’s the path to ruin.


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5 Responses to “More on Politics and Religion”

  1. Holiday Longing Says:

    Try not to so generalize. Most Republicans I know do believe in less government (so, yes, more reliance on the market), but also in many of the ethical stands the Republican party has taken. Many I know are deeply involved in social issues and do for the poor and outcast what the government can’t do well.

    • markbittner Says:

      I’m unaware of any ethical stands taken by the Republican Party. And I’m not trying to be funny. I don’t know of a single stand they’ve taken that I would deem ethical. I don’t take their pro-life stand seriously, given their enthusiasm for the death penalty and for war. The great danger we face today is not big government, but big business. The mega-corporations. They exist solely for the sake of profit—mammon. The only entity that has power to curtail the selfish drives of business is government. When has the Republican party ever advocated using that power to keep business in check?

  2. Veganacious Says:

    Spot on and well said. Maybe it is time to join the Greens.

  3. Sheri Says:

    Mark, you painted with an unrealistically broad brush.

    Democrats don’t hold exclusive license to ethical stands, and neither do Republicans. Both parties are comprised of far too many political whores.

    I believe it’s time to look to third party candidates in an attempt to pull this country out of it’s downward slide.

    • markbittner Says:

      I never said that the Democrats hold an exclusive license with regard to ethical stands. They are conflicted. But the Republicans are devoted entirely to money. So they have no ethics. Every so-called ethical stand they take is a disguise for something else. “Family Values” just means “Father knows best.” “A strong national defense” is really a craving for global domination. Saying you believe in God doesn’t mean anything when you don’t follow real spiritual principles.

      No political party—third or otherwise—can save us. Political parties are derived from the character of the people. We love money too much. It’s our biggest problem, and it is so obvious. It’s the elephant in the room that nobody every talks about. This country will never come out of its slide until we change that.

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