Get Lieberman

I’ve been seriously bugged by Senator Joe Lieberman for several years now. He’s a creep who has been holding several decent movements hostage because of his 60th vote status. Up until this morning, I hadn’t been sure what the Democrats should do about him. But now I think they should throw him overboard—regardless of the consequences. Nothing good can come from coddling this spiteful and manipulative little man. is raising money to agitate against him in his home state of Connecticut now, as well as to defeat him the next time he has to run for re-election. It’s also calling on the Democrats to strip him of his chairmanships and seniority. I agree, and I sent MoveOn money today. I encourage others to do the same.


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2 Responses to “Get Lieberman”

  1. NoName Says:

    Hi Mark,

    This article is somewhat off-topic, but still on a political note and something that I thought might be of interest to you:

    Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery, by Chris Floyd. Friday, December 18, 2009.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thought you might enjoy reading Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World cartoon, dated January 11, 2010.

    Here ya go:

    The Frog and the scorpion: a revised parable

    Happy viewing! 🙂

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