Progress Report #25

I’ve finished the second draft of Chapter Twelve, working title, “The Diamond-studded Highway.” It took three months and came in at 87 pages (double-spaced, 8 by 11, which I reckon to be around 73 book pages). For the third and final draft, the chapter will be shorter. Monday, I start work on Chapter Thirteen, working title “The Fool On the Hill.” It should be much shorter.

I’ve been practicing writing with my new fountain pen. I like it. I haven’t been using it on this second draft, which is to be finished at the computer. I’ve just been getting my muscles used to writing by hand again. As I’ve said, I want to handwrite the third draft, entering the text into the computer at the end of each day’s session. My thought has been that handwriting the book will make it more personal and intimate, and everything I’m discovering in my practice sessions confirms this. I always wrote songs by hand, and I had a particular way of working. My old habits are coming back to me. I feel more present with silence, pen, and paper than I do with humming hard drive, keyboard, and monitor. It’s true.

One Response to “Progress Report #25”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, there’s something about the heft of a fountain pen that feels just right–that, and the fact that it’s so supple and fluid in the hand. I also have that feeling about calligraphers–with their brush, ink block and paper. They have exactly what they need and no more. There is something so elegant about that simplicity.

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