More on the Founding Fathers and the Tea Party

I saw a news story today that said that one of the most popular speakers at the Tea Party convention was some guy who emphasized the need to get back to the original intent of the Founding Fathers. I have always thought this was a particularly dumb idea. The Founding Fathers were not gods. They were a group of men who had some good ideas and some bad ideas. They should serve only as a point of departure. What’s true and what’s good is all that matters, and we have to figure that out for ourselves in the here and now. I have no doubt that many of the Tea Party conventioneers hold that God was personally directing Jefferson, Hamilton, Hancock, et al., but that’s an entirely egotistic belief—not to mention bad theology.

One Response to “More on the Founding Fathers and the Tea Party”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s right, what this country needs to get back on track is a slave-holding autocracy that denied the vote to 90% of men, and all women. The Tea Party guys and gals would have been serfs (at best) in that society, but I’d bet in their minds they see themselves striding with Jefferson over the old plantation…

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