Progress Report #30

The specter of jury duty hangs over me. I have to go into Superior Court tomorrow morning. They never take me (I have an honest gripe with the adversarial system of justice), but I never know when I’ll be sent home. Since I seem incapable of writing at any time other than morning, I have to put my work on hold for a few days. On a more favorable note: My next door neighbor starts replacing his roof tomorrow, but a friend offered his studio space for the next three weeks while he’s on the East Coast. So I’ll escape the worst of it.

I’ve come up with a working title for Chapter 15: “Buddha’s Little Boy Scouts.”

2 Responses to “Progress Report #30”

  1. Jim T. Says:


    Do you live with any parrots today in your home today? If so…which breed? Names? What is a trait that they have, that you feel is unique and would share with us?

    Jim T
    Portland, OR

    • markbittner Says:

      We have two injured birds from the flock, Parker and Big Bird. I wouldn’t say that they have “unique” qualities. One of the things I learned through my experience with the parrots is that all living beings partake of the same qualities. Humans embody a broader range of those qualities, but none of them are unique. One of the parrots’ more obvious traits is jealousy.

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