Progress Report #39

I finished the second pass through Chapter Nineteen of Draft Two. I’m leaving for Germany and Greece in three weeks, so I’m going to spend the next stretch preparing for the work I intend to do there. I’ll be working on third-draft-level material that’s takes place in late 1969, when, at the age of seventeen, I went to Europe and spent four months hitchhiking and taking trains. Although I’m taking the laptop, I’ll be writing by hand. Before I leave, if I’ve finished all my prep work, I’ll make a start on the second draft’s Chapter Twenty. The events of that chapter show up in the first chapter of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It tells the story of my moving into the back of a friend’s VW van, then being forced out, and ending up, at long last, on the street.

Before I go, I’ll finish and post “Peak Oil, Part Three.”


5 Responses to “Progress Report #39”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I just watch “The Parrots of Telegraph Hill”, and I must say it was absolutely amazing! I loved the entire movie, and I was blown away by how the birds were around you! I wanted to see if there was another documentary or even a book out from you, and I just found this blog. I am really interested in seeing how things are going for you since the birds!

    • markbittner Says:

      Hello Stephanie,

      Things have been going well for me. I did write a book also called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It’s quite different from the film. The two projects were done separately. Now I’m working on a new book about my life on the street before I encountered the birds. I call it Street Song. And Judy and I got married.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I saw that you and Judy were married here on your blog!! That’s so wonderful! Congratulations to you both!! I absolutely loved how the documentary ended! With you and Judy, that is. I am so happy for the both of you!
    I am getting the book;The Wild Parrots. It has received great reviews anywhere I look, so I am so excited! I am also looking forward to reading your new book when it comes out, now that I am aware of it. I see where people have posted
    ideas for you to use, but I am not a writer, but rather a math lady, so no useful ideas from me.
    Good luck to you both and I look forward to reading your blog, as well as your books!

  3. Janice Badger Nelson RN Says:

    I just watched “The Parrots of Telegraph Hill” with my 11 year old daughter. We loved it. Although, we cried about Connor.

    We have a 2 year old Hahn’s McCaw and two parkeets that watched it as well.

    We are now excited to read your book.

    Thanks so much for caring about the birds and showing the world how unique and special they are. Most people do not get it.

  4. Margaret Says:

    In the “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” DVD, I’m so glad there was the extra feature of a neighbor explaining that she’d found Connor’s body–this “beautiful bird”, unmarked and undamaged–and had buried him in her garden. This was so much better than being eaten by a hawk!

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