Progress Report #46

Two nights ago, I was awakened at 3:30 am by the thought that I needed to explain to the reader—some readers, at least—why I would voluntarily submit to a life on the street. I did try to explain it some in Wild Parrots, but I decided to try my hand at another bald explanation, a laying out of my reasons, and to go into them in a little more depth. So I’ve just finished a two-page Chapter 21, which has the working title of “Turning White Bread Into Toast.” I found it a good exercise, but depending on the way the third draft gets structured, it may not be necessary. Some people do understand why I did what I did. Others are confused by my choice, while there are still others who, oddly enough, actually get angry about it.

One Response to “Progress Report #46”

  1. Another Nancy Says:

    I had not heard of your book or movie, found it by accident and yes, I did buy your book. LOVE reading good stuff. And yours is good stuff.

    You probably know why people get mad that you lived on the streets – because you are not like them. Why do people dislike anyone they don’t know? Blind predjudice. Bigotry, racism fear of competition. How can someone get angry at a street person who DOESN’T choose to be one? (my beloved brother has a severe mental illness, not exactly a choice – but people scrunch up their noses at him and it humiliates him terribly.)

    And, yup, money is NOT the be-all-end-all of humanity, you got that right. Was raised by a beautiful Mom who taught me that, and divorced a marterialistic meanie of a millionaire before he had it ($$$) all. Too bad he doesn’t know the definition of “all”.

    BTW, I was thrilled to see you and Judy got married. What a wonderful ending to that chapter. Lucky both of you!

    Looking forward to your next book. N

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