Defining My Terms #3

I could spend years doing this—language gets horribly abused—but this is the last one for awhile. The word today is religion. It’s my conviction that Western Civilization has been generally misusing “religion” for at least 2,000 years, and the East has understood it well only at certain times and only in certain pockets. Most of us think of religion as subscribing to a particular set of beliefs and rituals. That’s even the dictionary definition. But real religious practice is the seeking of objective truth without any a priori assumptions, and doing it in as straightforward and as simple a manner as possible. The aim of authentic religious teaching is to help the seeker along the way to his or her own direct experience of truth. (I don’t mean by this that each of us has our own individual truth—a common sentiment nowadays. The truth I’m talking about is universal and beyond individual personality.)

In the end, religion cannot be found in a book. At the point it becomes tangled up with elaborate doctrines and rituals, it has lost its way.


One Response to “Defining My Terms #3”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Hi Mark and Judy,

    A very Happy New Year to you both! I just loved your special on PBS, which aired here last night, it was wonderful, thank you so much! Mark, your gift with our dear, feathered friends is just so impressive, beyond words. Judy, your wonderful ability to capture it all, in this documentary, is fantastic! What an amazing team you both are, breathtaking! I am just so happy for both of you, continued sucess!

    Being a bird owner for many, many years, of course, it touched me very deeply. As I started to bed afterward, I hugged my little parrot, as I always do, (our nightly ritual), and I was just so grateful that that I could perch her on my arm, and give her her nightly cuddles, cooies and good nights, in a safe and happy environment. We share this each and every day. Which leads me to say, to ALL of the above posts, (political or otherwise….) that in the final analysis, this is pretty much what we all really want. To be safe, secure and loved. Right? Well, let’s go on from there!

    P.S. I always feel that what goes around, will eventually come around, so just let things be, let Nature take her course, and watch the fireworks! Btw, let’s put some rum in that Tea Party, ha ha!

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