Progress Report #48

I’ve finished the second pass through Chapter 22 of the second draft of my work-in-progress Street Song. The chapter deals with my first days on the street. Everything before this has dealt with my getting closer to homelessness—the issues that led me there. Those first days were intensely frightening and humiliating. But I didn’t find it difficult or embarrassing to write about them. The greatest difficulty was a bunch of real-world, here-and-now issues that kept tearing me away from my work. And research. Now I have to thread my way through another minefield of diversions—the holidays. The next chapter continues where 22 left off. There were several phases of my life on the street. In the next one, I make some adjustments and right myself. At least for awhile, I do.


One Response to “Progress Report #48”

  1. Jeanne Belli Says:

    Loved reading you work and thank you for sharing from your heart.
    I just recently saw your documentary. I loved all of it. I am looking forward to reading your finished book about your being on the steets. I wish my Dad were still alive as he would have been interewsted in that–he loved Hobos and was an honorary Hobo–My Dad was Melvin Belli

    Great writing and philosophy. I am a practitioner in a church started by Ernest Holmes and loved what you said about oneness in your documentary.
    The Universe is using you in so many wonderful ways. Blessings to you and your wife
    Jeanne Belli

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