Progress Report #62

For the purpose of developing the outline, I’ve divided the book up into ten periods—the tenth representing the point at which I stopped work on the second draft. I’ve just finished outlining period eight. So I have two more periods to outline before I reach the point where I have to decide how the second draft proceeds to its ending. These periods probably won’t show up as named entities in the final manuscript. They’re intended simply to help me see the story arc. My hunch is that I’ll be dividing the remainder of the story into two periods—three at the most—and then I can go ahead and finish the second draft. I figure that will take me six months more. At that point, I get to start work on the final version of the book. I’ve been so absorbed by the outline work that I haven’t had time to write any new posts. I have an idea for one that I’ll try to get to soon. Things are going well. I’ll eventually have to cut out some material from this outline, but as my vision for the book clarifies, that becomes easier to do.


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