A Party to Evil

The Republican Party is not the party of individual freedom. It is the party of ego, the party of Mammon. I think it has gone insane—become evil. And you can’t compromise with evil because it can never be satisfied. Those who will tell me that what I’m actually describing is the Democratic Party are wrong. The Democrats are compromised, but they haven’t become out and out evil as the Republicans have become.


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7 Responses to “A Party to Evil”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I think the evil and insanity to which you refer can also be described as narcissism or greed. As you know, business interests have co-opted both parties and every member of the U.S. Congress belongs to the global investor class. Life in the U.S. seems to be all about money.

    I also think that narcissism is the root of psychopathy. You cannot reason with psychopathic individuals because they are incapable of feeling empathy for others or feeling love for anyone other than themselves. The following book, which Bob Hare (who developed the Hare Psychopathy Checklist) wrote for the lay reader, has helped me to gain insight into narcissistic and psychopathic human behavior:

    Without conscience: the disturbing world of the psychopaths among us, by Robert D. Hare, 1999.

    I recommend the book to anyone who has been, or may become, a victim of a psychopath. They’re hard to spot until it is too late!

    • markbittner Says:

      I completely agree with what you have to say. But “evil” has a meaning that includes narcissism and greed, and I think we need to reclaim the word. Some of the people we’re calling greedy don’t necessarily believe that greed is such a bad thing. They do tend to believe that there is evil, however. I’m not saying that there’s a lot to be gained by clubbing anybody over the head with words, but sometimes a point has to be made in terms they understand. We’ve got to start making a push.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Sorry to post so many comments lately, but here’s one Debbie Downer more.

    Emotionally laden words might affect those of us who are economically and politically powerless, but I’m not sure they will do much to change the behavior of the powerful elite, who I think tend to think linearly and are not led by emotions other than rage and the desire for revenge. Do those who control the nation’s wealth and voting computers care about concepts such as good and evil, except for when they can be used to manipulate the powerless?

    You know that old saw, which goes something like this?—

    Don’t appeal to a man’s better nature; he may not have one. Instead, appeal to his self-interest.

    • markbittner Says:

      Everyone has a better nature. It is inherent. And the only time life becomes enjoyable, has any buoyancy, is genuinely worth living, is when we look beyond our own self-interest.

  3. linda Says:

    I tend to agree with you to a point Mark, I do believe that there are people who once had a better nature, but have now traded it in for money and power. You are correct that both sides have too many corporate connections, but I believe that the difference lies in their goals, I think that the republicans are trying to establish a oligarchy, with the wealthy basically as the rulers of our country. This means making the rest of us the serfs or slaves of the wealthy. The republicans think that by doing this they will, themselves be kept as rulers, I don’t think they realize that if they achieve their goal, they will be discarded, just like any other tool, when no longer needed. The democrats, I think know this and are not willing to sacrifice us, because it might not work and they don’t want to take that chance, the consequences for them would be the same as the republicans. I also believe that some of the democrats are actually good honest folk, like Bernie Sanders, he has a petition on his page right now that calls for shared sacrifice from the wealthy.


    The wealthy, after all, got that way, buy using the infrastructure that was built by the middle class and poor. We need some new laws that pertain to the import of goods and the export of jobs that I don’t think we will see until the republicans are out of the way, and we put pressure on the democrats to change things. By pressure I mean actual writing campaigns and petitions that tell them we know what is going on.

    I have listened to the republicans talk about the insolvency of Social security, but I have read some figures that say there is over a trillion dollars in the fund right now, the goal of the republicans is to access that for spending. Once it is gone they can say it is bankrupt, right now it is not. It is the same with medicare. Their goal is to bankrupt this country, making it easier for the wealthy to take control. Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it, it wouldn’t be the first time that, science fiction became science fact or close to it.

  4. Karen Says:

    In reply to Linda: We have known for decades that Social Security funds were being used (loaned) to off-set cuts in taxes to the wealthy 1% (particularly egregious was the reduction in the capital gains tax on unearned income, down to 15%!). That money, of course, should have to be repaid (“full faith and credit of the US Treasury”) and will be unless the Republicans are able to get the country to default on those loans. I heard on the radio last night that he loans from Social Security exceed $1 trillion, so you can see why the wealthy don’t want to have to repay them. (Talk about dead-beats!)

    I also read that part of the Republican plan is to make Pres. Obama have to unilaterally raise the debt limit, and then they will initiate impeachment proceedings against him. My solution to this would be for Obama to declare himself a Republican (he practically is anyway), and let the Republicans wrestle with having to impeach one of their own.

    Sadly, for the 99%ers, life is going to be unnecessarily rough in the decades ahead.

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