If Jesus Were Alive Today

If Jesus were alive today, saying what he said before, and if he had a following, the Republicans would be furiously agitating against him, raising violent passions against him, vilifying his “anti-American” philosophy, and seeing that he was placed in the same kind of danger that Martin Luther King found himself in. If he had no following, they would merely smirk and mock him.


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12 Responses to “If Jesus Were Alive Today”

  1. LoLgical Nihilism Says:

    Technically Jesus is alive, being resurrected and what not. but I see your point. I forget where its said, in luke somewhere, where prophets are never accepted in there own country.

  2. Living out of Eden Says:

    Someone said: “The way things are going, they’re gonna crucify me”.

    And certainly they did.

  3. Margaret Benbow Says:

    Yes. A few days ago, on TV, I saw some Tea Party congressmen having themselves photographed praying together. Remembering what they actually believe, suddenly I recalled a scene from the old horror flick Children of the Corn (1970’s). A brutal fundamentalist sect has almost destroyed normal life in their town. Some innocent outsider has wandered in, curious, to their sanctuary, and he notices a Bible on a lectern. Opening it, he sees that the New Testament has been savagely torn out.

  4. Kathy Says:

    pretty bilious and scary out there….fundamentalists? Terrorists? Check the reality….

  5. Brad Says:

    Jesus taught that We are responsible for our fellow people, never mentioning the Government…It was the Government that killed Him…The answer to all this mess is within Us, not the Government…

    • markbittner Says:

      I want a government strong enough to stand up to the monstrously large corporations. Corporations have profit as their sole motive and are completely indifferent to the effects of how they achieve their aim. In that regard, they are sociopathic. Government, in theory, is here to serve. Reduce the size of the corporations, then we can reduce the size of the government. I have no problem with that at all. But I will never agree with giving corporations free rein.

      But you missed, or avoided, the point of my post. While Republicans in general claim to be Christian, when they encounter them in reality, they are extremely hostile to the teachings of the man they claim as their spiritual leader. They don’t even recognize them as being his. I know this to be true.

  6. linda Says:

    The majority of tea party members are not christian, they are simply using that to get their agenda through. Most of these people haven’t a clue as to what Jesus taught.

    Jesus wasn’t killed by the government back then, he was killed by vote of his own people. Pilot begged them not to kill him, he said that he found no fault with Jesus, therefore no reason to put him to death. He made the people make the decision and they said to put Jesus to death. Right now we have tea party members that if they heard Jesus teach as he did then, they would ask for him to be crucified. Jesus was more of a socialist than any likes to believe. He did believe the rich should help the poor, and he also taught in parables that the rich stole from the poor. The parable of the poor man’s lamb, taken by the rich man to feed his guest instead of from his own vast herds and flocks. Instead, the rich man took the only thing of value the poor man had. The rich do that now, all the time, they take our lives and our health and give back pittance for it in the form of a few dollars an hour, and those on the bottom have been brainwashed to think that the rich deserve what they get because they are rich. Jesus told many parables, most of them directed at the rich, requiring the rich to be more generous and kind and they couldn’t see it. After 2 thousand years nothing has changed, except preachers now use the teachings to make themselves rich. By Jesus standards most of the rich, clergy, and politicians will never see the much vaunted Kingdom of Heaven. Makes me glad I’m pagan.

  7. Cally Underwood Says:

    Off the topic, but wanted to comment on your book – Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. It was a wonderful book…evoked so much emotion from me. I raise chickens – I know exactly how you felt about those birds..when Tupelo died it brought back so many memories of special birds I have loved, nursed, and lost. Thanks for a fantastic read – keep on writing.

  8. Shelley Says:


    Government and “monstrously large corporations” are bedfellows.

    Lobbyists are the whores provided to government by the corporations.

    The whole of DC needs to be cleaned out for a fresh start.

  9. freerangeorganichuman Says:

    Hey, I like your blog. I just watched the Parrot movie. My Mom’s ex husbands brother, Chris Michie did the music for it and has passed away now. I am going to his Mother’s Birthday party in a day or so. Everyone told me to see the film when it was here in Madison, but I missed it. I just saw it in the Library and so I watched it.

    Glad you are working on a new project. I felt I could really relate to you. I lived on the streets of Seattle for a couple years hanging out with Graffiti artists and Anarchists and various colorful people. I also hitch hiked across Alaska and the Yukon and lived on the Beach in Monterey for a while. So I’ll be looking forward to reading the book.

    Good point about Jesus. The Sci Fi writer Phillip K Dick had this idea that we are caught in a time warp and its actually still 50 AD and the republicans are really the Romans. Are you familiar with his stuff? He was deeply into Gnosticism.


  10. Robert Says:


    In the very first verse of the very first Book of the Holy Bible, the Book of Genesis, we read: “In the beginning God created heaven, and earth.”

    One very interesting thing about this verse is its original Aramaic translation: “In the beginning, the Judges He created heaven, and earth.”

    The plural is matched with the singular. And so, God, in the very first verse of the Holy Bible, is telling you something magnificent about Himself — He is telling you about the Holy Trinity. Many other such similar phrases may be found throughout the Old Testament — just in case you might think it to be some sort of error, or ‘typo’.

    And so, I use this example to tell you who Jesus Christ really is — He is the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Old Testament. He is the Unmoved Mover — the Uncreated Creator. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the sacrifice of the Old Testament — the Spotless Lamb of Mount Sinai became the Lamb of God of Calvary. And, the Book of Genesis in particular is filled with many incredibly beautiful types, foreshadowings, and prophecies about Jesus Christ — God told salvation history through the history of the world so that we might believe in Him.

    The collected books of the Holy Bible took over 1,500 years to come into existance. God chose this manner of revealing Himself for many reasons — not least of which to put to rest obvious arguments anyone might have to doubt the legitimacy and heavenly authority of scripture — that the bible’s stories are nothing more than intriguing tales, written by a savvy bunch of old men who could really ‘paint with words’; that the history of the world was used so that a record of its history might be left to future generations; that any personal aggrandizement or personal benefit anyone might try to wring out of its words, by using our tendencies towards hideous behaviors in spite of ourselves. By choosing a particular race of men who He knew would betray Him, to give Himself in an extraordinary fashion to those of good will, throughout the entire world.

    And to men of good will — who can humble themselves, and accept God as He is, and not try to fashion Him to their own will — He even left a Church; which exists to this day, and which God promised will last until the end of time (Matthew 16:13-19).

    Mark, you have emptied yourself of this world. You have seen it for what it truly is. You *know* that there is something more.

    So, if you like, please contact me at rrrobert477@yahoo.com if you want to talk some more.

    May God bless you abundantly,


    *By the way — I loved your movie. I only wish we had met when I lived in the Bay Area.

    • markbittner Says:

      I’ll respond to this eventually. I have too much work at the moment. But I will get to it.

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