Occupy Wall Street

I’ve been busy getting my work on Street Song back up and running. But I do want to take a moment here to offer a word of support to the Occupy Wall Street people and all the brother and sister movements. There are two main criticisms I keep seeing. One is that they have no clearly defined agenda, and the other is that they are not mainstream. As for not having a clearly defined agenda, a person in danger of drowning yells “Help!” first. Then the details get worked out. That’s perfectly fine and natural. As for not being mainstream, it was mainstream ideas (or what became mainstream after Reagan) that got us into this mess. People have to leave the mainstream behind. It’s not working and it’s never going to. We need a change in the way we live. And whatever that change is, it has to be humane.

One more thing: There’s an excellent opinion piece about Occupy Wall Street in today’s Paul Krugman’s column in the New York Times.



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6 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Chandani Diaz Says:

    Best said in Paul Krugman’s article was:

    “The way to understand all of this is to realize that it’s part of a broader syndrome, in which wealthy Americans who benefit hugely from a system rigged in their favor react with hysteria to anyone who points out just how rigged the system is”.

    We just had a perfect example: Leo Apotheker CEO of Hewlitt-Packard – was given a $13 million severance pay package and he pulled HP down into financial mud…..not to mention the $10 he “earned” in the 11 months he was actually CEO – $23 million. Not bad for being a failure.

    I think there is no agenda because there are too MANY agendas to attack: greed in all forms, lack of willingness to believe in climate change, government that does not represent the wishes of its people…..that’s a lot of issues. But I see a momentum moving and I believe that this isn’t going to be swept under the carpets as “they” had hoped.

  2. TruthFrees Says:

    Example of the hysteria and lies: toddkinsey.com

  3. Shelley Says:

    I’m ectastic the Occupy Wall Street movement has no clearly defined agenda or leaders.

    FAR more difficult, if not impossible, to control and attack by the target of the movement. Hopefully they will gain strength, organization and solid backing before they put forth a “face” to the world.

    Time for an American Spring.

  4. Diane Says:

    I hope that Occupy Wall Street stays agendaless, too. I went to a demonstration in my own town on Saturday and got there just in time to hear my staunch Democratic friend say we’ve got to have an agenda or else this won’t work. I totally disagree with that belief. I think it will only work if there’s no agenda.

    I’m still trying to work on a sign to carry for the next demonstration. I want it to be clear to those who might yell at us to “get a job” that I have a job, a very good one, and I still feel a need to be counted among the Occupy demonstrators.

  5. Phinium Says:

    No leaders. No agenda.
    It’s time to occupy uncertainty.

  6. anne Says:

    When a person yells “help”, the answer is immediately evident–save them from the obvious danger at hand. to extend that as a metaphor for the “occupy” movement would mean the problem/s, and resulting solution, are as transparent as lifting a drowning man from water. which they’re not. after almost a year, have the details been worked out?

    I think the beauty of the “occupy” movement was that everyone fought for what they believed in–because different people are motivated by different passions, they were able to unite them into a protest calling for change in general. although the benefits outweigh the cons, that did serve as one of its pitfalls–by literally inviting people to do whatever they wanted; a few bad seeds do a lot of damage, at least in my area. lots of smashed windows (from local businesses, which inherently supported the movement), fires, graffiti, threats, etc–to the shame and embarrassment of most.

    I attend one of the universities infamous for police brutality–I witnessed professors and students alike being bludgeoned (including an 80-year-old poet laureate) and was nearly beaten myself. I have to say regarding earlier comments about the internet and technology–without technology, this movement simply wouldn’t exist on the scale that it did, with the support that it did. if students didn’t take cell phone/digital camera videos of pigs breaking the bones of fellow students, the nation wouldn’t know or care as much as they would reading it on the news with a few pictures–it wouldn’t have gone viral. and if it didn’t go viral, the police actions likely wouldn’t have gone under the scrutiny that it did. we were able to meet and be aware of things thanks to instant twitter or facebook updates–that was really crucial for last-minute meetings, since word-of-mouth is hard for 30,000 students to find out.

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