Progress Report #70

I’d hoped at this point to be finished with the outline for the final draft. But my two recent bouts with illness have ruined my plans. The book is divided into two sections (called “The Wrong Way” and “The High Way”), and I’ve just finished what I call the pre-final outline for the first half. I still need to go through the second half and bring it up to the same level, before boiling both halves down to their essence. Then I’ll have the outline that I’ll actually be working from for the final draft. Throughout this process, I’ve been learning my material well.

Two years ago, Judy and I were enlisted to serve for a week as caretakers for Santa Barbara Island, a one mile square desert island 40 miles off the coast of Southern California. We’ve been enlisted for another week, starting in just a few days. It’s a magical place, one that is completely isolated. It takes a three and a half hour boat ride just to get there. On a clear night, civilization still lights up the horizon, but otherwise there is no evidence for the existence of any other worlds save those of the island and the ocean. I’m taking my work with me. (There’s not a lot to do on the island!) I’ll be out of reach—truly out of reach—until the sixth.

Happy Holidays to everyone.


One Response to “Progress Report #70”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Have a great time, sounds like my idea of paradise.

    Happy New Year!

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