Last Night I Had A Dream

Obama had made some announcement or proclamation that wasn’t all that extreme or radical, but the Tea Party types (older white people) went ballistic, declaring it the last straw. Fighting broke out all across the land—fist fights, not guns. I remember witnessing a brawl among customers in a fast food place—some chain. While passing through a school cafeteria, I saw a cook, an older white woman, weeping and packing up her pots and pans. She could no longer do her job under this president. A little later I was in a big gymnasium-type building and there were fights happening all across the floor. High up on the walls near the roof was a long row of windows with heavy maroon curtains. A man I recognized as the leader of a national taxpayers association (a dream character, not someone identifiable in reality) was throwing flaming objects up at the curtains, trying to ignite them. I was outraged because he was always trying to pass himself off in the media as a responsible man, an adult among children, a true patriot, and so on. I thought, “What a fraud!” I became so angry that I knocked him to the ground and started pummeling his face, trying to shatter his cheekbones (completely out of character; I’ve never been in a fight in my life). As I beat him I kept shouting “You’re a fraud and a phony!” He laughed and laughed, exulting, “Yes! But I’m having such a fun time!”

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10 Responses to “Last Night I Had A Dream”

  1. Stephanie Lang Says:

    I had to laugh. Sorry…that was hysterical!

  2. JB Says:

    I have witnessed one intense fistfight brawl in my life. In high school (I was in the 10th grade), during my PE period, word spread around in hushed voices that there was going to be a fight in the boys’ locker room after class. I remember taking note of the layout of the locker room as we all filed in and taking notice that the lockers themselves could be climbed upon. I waited for the first sound of an altercation and swiftly climbed to the top of the row of lockers I was closest too. From my perch I watched as practically everyone in the room began swinging their fists is circles and spinning on their feet like tops. The sound was incredible and my heart pounded furiously. The entire event lasted maybe sixty seconds and afterward two or three students were sent to the hospital. For those who had not the instinct to escape as I did (I was the only person to climb up as far as I remember) nor the will to fight in defense: they collapsed to the floor and mostly were kicked. All my climbing of trees paid off that day.

    • markbittner Says:

      The closest I ever came to a fight was in the summer between, probably, the eighth and ninth grade. I bluffed. I acted crazy, like I was eager to take the guy on. He looked uncertain on how to deal with me and then backed off. I sure was relieved!

  3. Margarwet Benbow Says:

    I’m impressed that you never had to fight during the months you were living on the street! There must have been some crazy predatory types around.

    • markbittner Says:

      There certainly were those types, but I kept my distance. I was polite, but didn’t mingle.

  4. Sarah Says:

    “You’re a fraud and a phony!” He laughed and exulted: “Yes! But I’m having such a fun time!”

    This passage captures the essence of a bully. Most bullies are psychopaths and narcissism is the basis of psychopathy. Bullies deceive and lie, always win, and will destroy you if you stand up to, walk away from, or expose them. They are shameless and don’t fear punishment. I think the key here is not to support anyone who has not proven themselves to be trustworthy. Easier said than done.

    If the phony were real, I know who would unfortunately win this fight. He wasn’t, so just for once I’d like to hear that the genuinely good guy won.

  5. Margaret Benbow Says:

    Bullies win only if we fail to stand up to them. The ones I have known, feared and hated exposure the way a grub hates sunlight. I’ve always liked the gypsy saying: “All bullying should be met by steel.” By the way, it sounds as though the Dream Mark was wailing the tar out of the Dream Bully. D.B. might laugh now, but what counts is who has the last laugh.

  6. Catherine Downing Says:

    Maybe there is a deeper level to this. My view is that the left has lost touch with the masses to the extent that we have little persuasive power left to turn the tide. That seems to have been co-opted by the far right. The angry poor, and elderly instead of being able to pinpoint the real problems have in their rage turned to the Tea Party and other similar movements instead so that their voices can be heard. Very dangerous indeed. The “Occupy” movement is more protest than political and seems to be squelched. Change was promised by Obama but not delivered. Your dream may be a very clear vision of what the split is really like in this country. I know I am really angry, but also sad and disappointed. It would seem that maybe you are too.

    • markbittner Says:

      I agree entirely. I think it’s a clear representation of what I see happening in this country. And it even includes my contempt for the cynical leaders of the right wing, whom I see as sociopathic.

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