Progress Report #81

Yesterday I finished the first pass through Draft 2, Chapter 34. Tomorrow I start a second pass through the chapter to clean it up. That’ll take most of the week. Then I need to edit the outline so that it conforms to the finished version. After that, I’ll work on Chapter 35, which will be a commentary on the events in the book from the perspective of 24 years later. I think there will be such a chapter in the final version of the book and I want to explore how it might go. But I’m not going to sweat over it. Once I’ve let go of Chapter 35, the second draft is done, done, done. Four and a half years!

When I was writing The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill I knew all along that Street Song was going to be my next book—if there was a next book. But I haven’t been sure what book, if any, I will write after this one. I’ve had one recurring idea, and this week I found myself creating some research files. The book would be about the unique neighborhood I live in. (It’s the same one you see in the parrot movie.) The overarching theme would be how magic is undermined and destroyed by people with money. I’ve seen this happen over and over again. It’s the curse of this nation. How can we have a good life if the good life cannot find a place to take root and grow? I would spend most of the book establishing and depicting the neighborhood’s original magic, which goes back seventy-five years. I’ll be able to tell some parrot stories that didn’t fit into my first book. I have a title in mind, but I’m not going to put that out yet. It wouldn’t take me nearly so long to write this book. At the moment, though, it’s just an idea. My focus is on Street Song.


6 Responses to “Progress Report #81”

  1. Shelley Says:

    ” magic is undermined and destroyed by people with money.”

    True words, these.

    I don’t actually think moneyed people ever recognize magic in anything! Everything translates to a dollar value, nothing more. Their insatiable appetite for money & power is destroying the world.

  2. Karen Says:

    I hope you do write it. I’d love to read your thoughts on why that happens. I don’t think the rich intentionally set out to ruin things: They are attracted to the creativity and vibrancy of a place and want to live there and be part of it — who wouldn’t? But their presence changes the dynamics and the creative/vibrant people who made the place special end up having to leave. Is it class dynamics that cause the shift?

    • markbittner Says:

      My experience is that, notwithstanding any good intentions, in the end greed gets the best of them.

  3. tz Says:

    what a great progress report! and teasing us a bit, are you, with that newest idea? Sounds great. I am pre-ordering the mystery book today.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Just a little note of encouragement. Can’t wait til your next book hits the stands! Years after my first reading, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is still on my go-to list for another reading. The story and the writing completely drew me in. Best wishes!

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