Last Night’s Dream

Judy and I were at a convention of the nation’s top environmentalists. We were all in one big room. Before the meeting started, one of us went out in the hallway and discovered a troop of about ten poor whites, “trailer trash” types, who had been sent to kill us. None of them was holding a weapon at the moment—they’d laid them down while discussing how to do the job—so the guy who found them was able to round them up and march them into the big room. They were a mix of men and women, mostly men, and they all looked malnourished and poverty-stricken. Each one was carrying a copy of a letter that had been written in 1978 by the CEO of a major corporation. He’d originally sent it to one of the environmentalists present, threatening him with death for having stopped his company’s production of DDT. The CEO was finally making good on his 34-year-old threat, except that now he wanted to do away with all of us. Judy and I were chosen to read the letter out loud to the assembly. The letter was so badly written, though—incomplete sentences, mangled syntax—that we had to keep asking each other what the poor fellow seemed to be trying to say.

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10 Responses to “Last Night’s Dream”

  1. tz Says:

    you have dreams like mine… full “movie stories” with characters, plots and subplots! I had a very vivid dream last nite as well – and there were folks plotting to kill me – they had guns in hand. Seems to be an unfortunately popular scene these days. (not in my life personally, I speak in general terms of the world’s condition)

  2. bb Says:

    While reading this, I temporarily forgot this was merely a dream… Glad it was not real (though the conference sure sounded like a good one)!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Perhaps the dream CEO did not intend for us to know what he meant – that’s for him to know. The elite are intentionally oblique to us.

  4. Margaret Benbow Says:

    For me, your dream is a reimagining of an all-too-true scenario: desperate poor people who have been manipulated by Romney into hating “liberals”, cruelly deluded by him, and who will vote for him to their own great harm.But that was my fear before I ever saw your dream.

    • markbittner Says:

      For me, the most interesting part of this dream was the inept writing of the CEO. He was just as unintelligent as the people who were willing to kill for him. He merely wore fancier clothing and was better fed.

  5. TheVeganarchist (@TheVeganarchist) Says:

    i believe your dream is trying to tell you that you’re not getting enough bran in your diet.

  6. markbittner Says:

    It’s more like the people aren’t getting enough brain in their diet.

  7. tz Says:

    Ah! so perhaps this is why the zombie apocalypse is approaching… people starving for brain finally arise!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist…. I will slink off and drink my coffee now)

  8. linda Says:

    Sounds to me like you are being told that the corporations are using the less well-off against anyone that disagrees with them. Like what is going on now, the poor are being used as pawns to keep the middle class from going after the wealthy. Divide us and conquer, though the interests of the middle class coincide much better with the poor than they do with the wealthy, we are being pitted against each other for the benefit of the wealthy.

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