Why Obama

I recently received an email from someone in Canada who wanted to know why I had supported Obama’s reelection. He is angry with Obama and cited, specifically, Obama’s use of drones and his caving in to the Wall Street bankers. My answer to him was, yes, well…better him than the horror that was Romney. After watching a documentary on the Freedom Riders of the early 1960s, I’m reminded of another reason, a reason that I was well aware of in 2008, but less so this time around. Namely: It is so good for this country to have as president someone who is not lily-white—and who was re-elected to boot. That’s a fundamental and forever change, I think. And that’s good enough for me.

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3 Responses to “Why Obama”

  1. IzzieJ Says:

    Well said! I like President Obama too!-Izzie J

  2. linda Says:

    That is also why I voted for Obama, he is a good person, he believes in the worth of people, all people.

    Romney, I could not feel was a good person, he is selfish, unfeeling at least that was the impression I got of him. Romney also felt he was better than almost all the rest of us. He truly did not believe in equality.

    • markbittner Says:

      And Romney and Ryan were both cultists. Ayn Rand is a cult and so are the Mormons. They really are. But they’re big enough that you’re not supposed to say it. That’s all. Nobody every asked Romney if he believed in the Golden Tablets, or whatever they’re called. It would have been a fair question.

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