Voting in Republicans

I’m fed up with voting for Democrats and getting Republicans. I read that the Obama administration has been having meetings to decide what to do about the states of Washington and Colorado and their legalization of marijuana. I haven’t smoked any pot in around fifteen years, but I think it’s a fine, fine plant. I’ve had some good insights while high that, decades later, I still draw upon. It may seem like a small thing, but I’m at a kind of personal tipping point here. Given that they could choose to simply leave it alone, if they do anything at all, any kind of federal enforcement, then I’m going down to city hall and changing my voter registration away from “Democrat.” Not a big thing, I know, but what else can I do? How much of this bullshit do we have to take?


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11 Responses to “Voting in Republicans”

  1. Living out of Eden Says:

    Lessons learnt: when voting, you’ll never get what you see. 😉

  2. Deborah Says:

    Good question!

  3. Kay Says:

    I know it’s a rhetorical question but… If you take enough bullshit, it will start coming out of your own mouth. That’s what they want. I think the only way to get away from it altogether is to get away from society and live in a cave.

  4. Lynn B. Says:

    I’m with you on this one, Mark. I’m in Colorado, one of the two states that just legalized it. And like you, I don’t inhale but have no opposition to others who want to. I’m a big believer in the medicinal qualities that the plant offers, and know many people who use it for that reason. (For example, it alleviates pain, and calms down nausea in people on chemo so they can eat again and keep food down.). I have no idea what the State is gonna do….they’re afraid to implement the law because federal law still says it’s illegal. But the People have spoken, and the government really oughtta listen to the will of the People. Will have to wait and see how this all plays out.

  5. Patricia Says:

    I live in Washington State…now we have legalized smoking marijuana, but not in public, and also same sex marriage. Not the cup of tea for everyone, but to each his own I say and all kinks will have to be worked out.

    • markbittner Says:

      I was born and raised in Washington, and I’m delighted to see the openminded state it has become. It wasn’t always so.

  6. joe Says:

    Aside from the profits grass might deviate away from the “legal”
    booze & bigpharma industries, (i have met more than one person
    who quit drinking ’cause it was The gateway drug & led them to
    to no amount of excess & trouble & switched to weed, whereupon
    suddenly they became grounded, better balanced, more productive & happier (no small thing), & suddenly also, no more trouble with the fuzz due to bad decisions.(ironic!) I sometimes wonder if those insights you mention aren’t perhaps the thing that threatens them the most, grass being something that leads to introspection, therefore away from a worldview built strictly on “bling” materialism,& Inflatable Neighbors consumption,(you are what you own,what owns you) I often get the feeling it’s the sheeple v.s the. turned on & tuned in all over again! Helloooo Harper/Nixon!

    • markbittner Says:

      Lenny Bruce used to do a routine where he said marijuana was illegal because dope smokers tended to look at things and say, “Yeah, cool. That’s good enough,” which went against the system’s goal of constant progress, constant improvement.

    • Sarah Says:

      “aside from the profits grass might deviate away from the “legal”
      booze & bigpharma industries … ”

      Yes. This is all about money in other ways, too.

      Three words: Cheap inmate labor.

      Most inmates are non-violent drug offenders (NVDOs) who work for pennies an hour – often for companies that make or provide well-known products. NVDOs are more obedient, productive, and reliable workers than are violent convicts. I don’t have the statistics to support what I’m about to say, but I’d guess that more NVDOs are convicted for marijuana possession and/or sale than for other illegal narcotics. States and the federal government would have to find alternate domestic sources of cheap, reliable labor or more manufacturing and service call-center jobs would be shipped overseas if marijuana were decriminalized and legalized in every state.

  7. Linda Says:

    One reason I believe that marijuana was made illegal had more to do with the nylon and cotton industry, not just big pharma. A hemp shirt or pair of pants will last a long long time,years in fact. This is not something that is wanted in a world of consumerism. We are a country of good little consumers, if we started to make things that lasted and were easily recycled, we wouldn’t be consuming and enriching the upper class. Google the Story of Stuff. They have some really interesting little clips on how we became a nation of consumers. That is apparently our only value on this earth.

    • Lynn B. Says:

      I have no proof, but I always thought that it would be easy to make a car tire that didn’t expire after 60,000 miles, but instead last the life of the car. I bet such a thing has been invented, but the idea was squashed before it could be brought to the consumer.

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