The Fracking Kali Yuga

Not too long ago, the term “Kali Yuga” came up. I don’t remember why or how. I knew that Kali Yuga is an Indian religious concept, that a “Yuga” is an era or age, and that the Kali Yuga is the demonic age. But I wanted a little deeper understanding, so I did a search. The first link I hit defined it as “The present age,” which made me laugh. ‘Twas rueful laughter. I don’t know that I believe we’re in the Kali Yuga. Very often this type of thing is symbolism or myth, a way of talking about certain ideas. And sometimes they’re just superstition. But last night I saw a movie that made me think that, if there is such a thing, we might be in the Kali Yuga now.

The movie was Gasland, a documentary about fracking. (I know it’s already made the rounds, but I seldom see films.) If you’ve never seen it, you ought to. It’s one of those films about something bad happening in the world that is extremely discouraging. But the filmmaker, Josh Fox, has a good sense of humor, which made the film bearable. In a nutshell, the film says that while in office, Dick Cheney (in my opinion one of the most detestable men in American history) saw to the passage of a law that gets the gas companies off the hook for any environmental damage caused by fracking. The gas companies are clearly causing a great deal of harm to people, to the land, and to animals. Their indifference to the damage is demonic. They’ve been going to great lengths to make the film seem “controversial.” I can’t argue the science. I’ve never been that attracted to scientific learning. But I know liars and sellouts when I hear them, and the gas companies are clearly being defended by liars and sellouts. The government is not doing a thing to stop what’s going on. They either pretend it’s not happening or they actively assist the gas companies. I recommend the film to anyone who doesn’t know much about this whole fracking business. I had no idea how developed and wide spread it was.

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5 Responses to “The Fracking Kali Yuga”

  1. Brad Biggs Says:

    Mark, I know you want to learn the truth, or at least attempt to balance what you saw in “Gasland”. I strongly recommend you track down another documentary, “FrackNation”. It premiered on AXSTV a couple weeks ago, and is repeating occasionally. I’ve DVR’d it and would be happy to see if I can copy it to dvd if you can’t find it where you are. It debunks much of what you saw in “Gasland” and shows the reality of the fracking industry. I was very surprised by the inaccuracies that are pointed out from the “Gasland” documentary. Please check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. (

  2. Chandani Diaz Says:

    Yes, we are (alas) in Kali Yuga and in our lifetimes we will never be out of Kali Yuga – it is the WORST of times of humanity.

  3. Jared Burton Says:

    That’s funny! “The Fracking Kali Yuga”. That’s a good one.

    Yoko Ono is very active in resisting fracking in NY state. Read more here:

    I know we’re not all from New York, but what she is doing contains a worthwhile perspective. She also started an organization to help with her mission:

  4. Linda Says:

    No doubt the gas companies also have a way of purifying our water as well, first they mess it up and then sell the state and federal government a method to clean it up. Then they charge for fixing damage of their own creation. The federal government will let them, I’m sure that many of our representatives and senators own stock in some of these same companies, It’s a win win for all of them and a loosing situation for all of us.

    If you all do a search, I recently signed a petition, asking that congress take a 20% pay cut across the board just like they have forced other federal workers to. I think that it would be fair to give congress the same treatment they have given us.

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