Calling Me Back

I start every morning by turning on the computer and checking email, reading the news, sometimes doing a little bit of research regarding something that came up while I was writing. Occasionally, I will rent a movie and watch it at night. But I’ve come to despise computers and the Internet. I’m convinced that staring at a computer is bad for me. I know that my vision is more shallow since I started using them (not eyesight, but vision). This morning I was giving myself a little talking-to about how I need to stop using the damn thing. Stop reading the news for starters. I don’t need to know the details of how ugly the world is getting. It’s never harmed me in the past to get away from the daily assault of news stories.  I wasn’t thinking “every now and then,”  “a day or two,” or even a week. I was thinking months. I need months away from it to get healed.

Immediately after my little talking-to, and just prior to getting down to work on Street Song, I checked email. Only one came through, a blast from Tammy Baldwin, the new senator from Wisconsin, whose campaign I’d given money to. The subject line read “Hibernation=not an option.” I’m not sure I agree, but it was a pretty strong coincidence. Sometimes I steer by them; sometimes I don’t.


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4 Responses to “Calling Me Back”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    I think a lot of us want to just make it go away right now. I don’t think it’s an option but we can quit reading everything that happens. Some we can impact and some just makes us feel bad. I am not going to start donating yet though. They don’t ever give that a break and it seems to me next year is fine for that– not that politicians agree.

  2. Jared Burton Says:

    There is a book called “The Information Diet” on my soon-to-read list that addresses information overload

  3. Tim Mueller Says:

    The metaphor of trying to get a drink of water from a fire hose is apropos here, I believe. John Cage’s 4’33” sounds better and better all the time.

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