Think It’s Time for a Change

I started doing this blog shortly after Obama was elected in 2008. I saw better times coming and wanted to talk about where I believed we should go after all the years of Reaganism. It hasn’t turned out that way. First there was the much-deeper-than-I-foresaw racist reaction to having a black male as president. And then there’s been Obama’s inclination toward Reagan-like policies. (Yes, things could be worse—like, say, a McCain or a Romney presidency. But we are still heading toward hell, just at a slower pace.)

Lately, things have gotten so crazy that I find myself constantly conjuring up comebacks to all the negativity in the form of posts that I end up not writing because I’m tired of writing about this stuff. It’s my intention to stop reading and thinking about the violent and greedy egomaniacs in our midst and to start talking about where I believe we should go, or, at the very least, where I want to go. There are solutions to what ails us, and it’s not too late. I don’t think many people recognize what those solutions are, though. We’ve become too frivolous and distracted. But this is where I am going to put my energy now.


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11 Responses to “Think It’s Time for a Change”

  1. tz Says:

    I agree with your decision- this is exactly the right response – we must focus on the things we want to see happen. (Be the change)

    A bit off topic, my sisters and I are taking postcards to our local grocers with a short but sweet note to let them know that we want to see more organic produce offered, and we won’t be buying GMO products. We are encouraging everyone to join us in this. It’s our way of starting a movement for good.
    Consumers must pull together and use our power of DEMAND
    to change the SUPPLY.
    Being earthday, it’s a good time to remember that the earth (just as our political system) won’t respond to our intentions – it must see our actions.
    The hard part is knowing just how to apply ourselves as a force for goodness, love, and peace in all matters.

  2. Tim Mueller Says:

    Knowledge has become commodity. While some are amassing great fortunes and making demands based on their wealth, others are amassing information and claiming their own kind of lordship. How ironic that the availability of so much information has led to the “dumbing down” of the public square. We look to Superiority rather than Wisdom as the culmination of our thinking. This arrogance has led to a kind of Passivity (malaise). “Be the change” is the proper corrective. We used to value action in this country. You’re right, Mark. The first act should be an intentional withdrawal from pointless arguments that are meant only to feed one’s ego. I, too, am tired of trying to choose a “right” side in the majority of debates these days. I helped out at a food bank this past weekend. It was the most “empowered” I’ve felt in a long time. Hang in there.

  3. Deborah Garner Says:

    Thanks for the good news Mark, the Obama situation has been very disappointing for many of us and I’d love to hear about what we can do to turn these events around.

  4. Lynn B. Says:

    Hi Mark,
    A friend of mine and I have had this same conversation about where things are going. He says the solution is to do a little yoga every day, grow your own (food), and help your neighbor. 🙂 And get “off the grid” to the extent that you can–such as staying away from the television, conserving energy and water, and also avoiding doing business with predatory companies (such as big banks, big box stores, etc.) and get what you need from independent, local merchants when possible.

    • markbittner Says:

      One of the biggest setbacks we’ve had to endure is the collapse of the 60s and 70s counterculture. While obviously flawed, it was on the right path. Eventually, we’re going to have to reclaim all the territory it once covered. And it’s going to be hard because of the way the system has gelled up.

  5. Karen Says:

    Things are changing, but quietly, below the radar. I take the increasing number of employee-owned businesses and cooperatives as an indication of a cultural change beginning. In none of these will you find one person receiving 350% more in compensation than other employees, and I doubt that an employee-owned business would allow unsafe working conditions.

  6. Tim Mueller Says:

    Mark, there is hope for the future. I’ve taught high school for 27 years, and kids today are pissed off at the world they’ve been handed, but they surprisingly don’t want to kill all the Baby Boomers. Rather, they want to implement the values that we believed were so necessary, but abandoned so quickly once Reagan took office. Parents, TV, movies, music, the Internet: our entire culture tells kids that the world is disfigured and dysfunctional. Yet, they remain hopeful. I couldn’t be a teenager these days, but these kids inspire me.

  7. Glenn Miller Says:

    Hi Mark, I’m a PWA getting ready to move to SF at the end of June after finishing a year of CCNP & Red Hat training here in Phoenix. I recently joined a number of groups aligned with the Radical Faeries both of the Bay and Internationally. I’m dismayed by remarks from some of my new friends who complain the gay community leadership is out of touch and too heavily influenced by corporate influence, to which I reply, and please forgive the irony, What a bunch of pussies! The only time the center of revolution stalls and stagnates is when people sit around bitching and get nothing done.
    When the hell in the past has revolution ever been handed to the people? If we’re waiting for an invitation then we’re missing the boat, err, float in this case. Devote blood, sweat, and tears to what empowers and throw toilet paper at what offends.

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