The Munchkin Update

Strange bird

The Munchkin Close-up

I no longer believe that the Munchkin got kicked out of the flock. There seems to be something not quite right with him. I did make an effort to lure him into a cage so I could take a close look. But he was hipper than that—which was fine. I really don’t want another bird. Judy and I have our hands full here now with birds and projects and the usual disturbances of life. I’ve stopped seeing him in the last day or two. I don’t know whether that’s good news or bad news. Best of luck, little Munchkin.


8 Responses to “The Munchkin Update”

  1. Lynn B. Says:

    What do you think his problem is? Any guesses?

    • markbittner Says:

      I have no idea. Parrots are extremely social. It’s rare to see one not paired-up. Munchkin was always alone.

  2. Brad Biggs Says:

    All we can do is hope the best for Munchkin. The rest is in his and God’s hands. Hopefully he’s doing just fine on his own. Thanks for the update, Mark.

  3. Patricia. Says:

    Always good to hear you write about the parrots. This one is a pretty little one.

  4. Aurelle Says:

    May he be safe in his wanderings!

  5. Sarah Says:

    “Parrots are extremely social. It’s rare to see one not paired-up. Munchkin was always alone.”

    This gives me a bad feeling. Reminds me of Connor.

  6. Margaret Benbow Says:

    When you said he was “always alone,” I looked hard at your pictures of him, trying to see if he had the signs which you’ve mentioned of a solitary bird–the loose pinfeathers that showed no other bird had groomed him. I couldn’t see any, and hope that means he has a buddy somewhere. But I’d agree it doesn’t look good.

  7. Janet Svarverud King Says:

    Love your updates on any of the conures but this one’s a bit sad.

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