Parrots and Progress Report #87

The Munchkin is still passing by occasionally, but he doesn’t seem ill. He’s still separate from the flock, though, and I have no idea why. Very odd behavior. I’m just letting him be and assuming he’ll get whatever social problem he’s having worked out eventually. I haven’t seen or heard the blue crown in more than a week.

I had my first real problem with the book—although it’s worked out now. I started what was supposed to be the final draft at the end of last year. I have to say that I didn’t really feel that at the time, though. That is, I didn’t have the feeling of “Okay. This is it. I’m really heading to the end now.” It’s too complicated to go into here, but it turned out that I had a bunch of unexpected problems to work through. And I had to start all over. I did start the final draft again last week, and this time, it feels real. This is the main reason I haven’t been posting much.

Something new soon.

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2 Responses to “Parrots and Progress Report #87”

  1. Brad Biggs Says:

    Thanks for the update, Mark. I hope Munchkin is able to overcome the “flock politics” and be accepted into their protective fold, but theirs is a very complicated system, much like our own. We can only hope the best for him as he tries to find his way As for the blue-crown, I hope the best for him and that you can give us positive updates on him.

    Best of luck on finishing the final draft of your book, my friend. Although you and I have very differing political ideals, I very much respect your insights and look forward to your sharing yourself in “Street Song”. My best to you and Judy.

    • markbittner Says:

      I very much want to finish this book and move on. It’s been strange living constantly in the past. It hasn’t been very healthy. But I have to get it right. I have to.

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