In case you haven’t seen this, here’s an article from the New York Times that everyone should read.


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3 Responses to “Chilling”

  1. Tim Mueller Says:

    Back in high school in the ’70s, we scoffed at the worldview presented by Orwell and Huxley. Now we welcome video cameras on every street corner and stoplight, and invite “security” companies into to our houses to install cameras so they can watch us and “keep us safe”. I think Eisenhower had some cogent things to say about a society more interested in safety and security than in freedom.
    And at the same time the people are complaining about the government peeking into their private lives, they post some pretty intimate things on Facebook without giving it a second thought.
    Clearly, technology is redefining the definition of the “Self” and our relation with society as a whole. One sad side effect is increased clamoring for our “rights” while ignoring the responsibilities of citizenship.
    God! I sound as old as Socrates! (Insert smiley face icon here.)

  2. joe Says:

    too many of us have grown lazy,too prosperous,& functionally illiterate,(meaning we can read,but don’t actually Understand the content) the unexpected result is an exponential increase in joyless,impotent lives enslaved (overwhelmingly) to things we don’t need,the herd is becoming as reckless as it’s masters,no surprise in the slowly returning popularity of d.i.y,homesteading,& slow living/food/community,walking away for the moment strikes me as the one available option for maintaining one’s sanity/integrity/happiness,you yourself chose it for years (i believe suspecting this intuitively?),& so we all find ourselves up against an age-old heavy question: how to live in this world despite everything? (meaningfully,happily,purposefully) For those brave enough to question anything whatsoever,in hard times i would suggest this may have always been the question.(Tip of the hat to tim/socrates) 😉 As for the human spirit,not so easily crushed,in the old ussr people engraved old medical x-rays as easily carried & hard to spot beatles bootlegs,(under potential penalty of gulag!)you gotta love the ingenuity. 😉 imagine the desire needed for such an endeavor! whenever i get down,i think of Those brave youth.Carpe Diem,Amor Fati. Looking forward to the book,cheers!

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