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Speaking as if my opinion mattered…

September 29, 2013

I urge President Obama to completely reject the Republicans’ efforts to blackmail the country and to shut down the government if necessary. The Republican Party is an evil organization and needs to have its back broken once and for all. I don’t care how much pain that might cause the country at large. You can’t compromise with or give in to evil. It’s time to take care of these crazies.

Reviews, Dreams, and Departures

September 20, 2013

Contrary to all appearances, I have not forgotten or abandoned this blog. It’s been a funny time. Lately, I’ve been spending many an hour reexamining my views. It’s hard to write about what you believe when you’re in the process of reevaluating it. I wouldn’t say I’ve change any of my positions. If anything, I’ve deepened them. I’m reading a book right now: The Enlightenment and Why It Still Matters. What a joke!

I had a dream the other night: I was standing in a park and saw across the way Suzuki Roshi (the Japanese Zen Master and founder of Zen Center here in San Francisco) who was in a yellow pickup truck, which had a cab on the back, like a camper shell, but made of wood. The pickup was on a hill and had a stick shift and Suzuki was having trouble getting it into gear. He kept bashing into the car parked behind him. He finally gave up and I went over to ask him if everything was alright. He shook his head “no.” He said the pickup had been a gift from his students and that the cab on the back was intended to be his studio. But he hadn’t asked for it, didn’t want it, and furthermore, the truck had been paid for out of an account that supplied him with his daily stipend and now it was all used up and he had no money to live on.

I’m leaving for nine days in Hawaii on Monday. Work and play. I’ve never been there and I’m looking forward to it. My intention is to get good and rested and then come back to start the last big push on Street Song.

Progress Report #90: Complete Retreat

September 5, 2013

I’m back from two weeks of almost complete solitude at the Morris Graves Foundation Retreat. During that time I saw no one except for the caretakers. I had no contact with the outside world: no phone, no internet, no mail, no radio, no newspaper, no television. Nothing. Those are the rules of the retreat and I respect them. It was a little tougher than I thought it was going to be, which is not to say it was all that hard. I’ve had a lot of experience with solitude. But it wasn’t a breeze. The important thing is that I had the opportunity to focus on my work. I made some good progress. I’d been faced with a logjam before I left, and I got it all sorted out.

I didn’t hear any news the entire time I was up there, and I found that I didn’t miss it. When Judy picked me up, I asked her if anything heavy was happening or had happened. She told me that Obama is working hard to get approval to attack Syria. I didn’t want to know anything else. I was disgusted. I’ve continued to avoid the news since my return home.

I want to get this book finished. (I’ll write more about the retreat in the future.)