Leaving Hawaii

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

My nine-day stay in Hawaii is coming to an end. In two hours I leave for the airport. One of the most pleasant aspects of this trip has been where I’m staying: the home of Dorothy Faison, a painter, and Simon Holland, a film editor. They have a place in Kailua, and the beach is within walking distance. This is the same town where Obama vacations when he’s in Hawaii. The beach is perfect and I’ve been there every day but one. I’m not really the beach bum type, though. I’m eager to get home and back to work. I have to go to Southern California for a week first, though, where I’ll be helping Judy with a film shoot for her movie Pelican Dreams.  I’ve spent a lot of time working out some of the book’s issues in my head. It never leaves me alone completely.

Aloha Hawaii. Mahalo Dorothy and Simon.


One Response to “Leaving Hawaii”

  1. Brad Biggs Says:

    Time to get back to real life and work. Safe travels, my friend. We still have much to discuss.

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