This, from a New York Times article summary today:

While acknowledging shortfalls, General Keith B. Alexander said the agency was doing more “to protect people’s civil liberties and privacy than they’ll ever know.”

George Orwell was a piker in comparison to General Alexander.


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2 Responses to “Mindboggling”

  1. Brad Biggs Says:

    Mark, I couldn’t agree more. Alhough there is some question as to whether the original quote came from Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin, the question we are facing is whether we are willing to give up our freedom and liberty in order to feel “safer”….. The feeling of safety from such acts of our government are nothing but “false flags”. We are being set up as “lambs being led to slaughter”. We, the People have very few representatives in our government speaking for us and not just the special and corporate interests. Be careful, my friend. The NSA is watching, listening, and recording. Very sad day for America.

  2. Mimi McCorry Stiegel Says:

    I WILL comment here and agree with what Brad Biggs is stating. It is very sad indeed.

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