The Wild Coyote of Telegraph Hill

For several years now, Judy and I have been hearing about a coyote on the hill. There have probably been several. Coyotes are being seen in different parts of the city. We’ve been wanting to catch a glimpse of him, and Judy has spent time tracking down the neighborhood residents who know the coyote’s routine. A couple of nights ago, after receiving some tips from one of them, we found him immediately. He was hard to miss. Someone was standing on the sidewalk  shining a flashlight on him. The coyote is a bit of a celebrity among the condo dwellers at the bottom of the hill. Small groups gather to watch him and compare notes. The coyote has a special interest in small dogs. Before leaving, I was able to get one barely usable shot, which is below, first as a wide shot and then blown-up and cropped.

Telegraph HIll Coyote

The Wild Coyote of Telegraph Hill

Coyote Close-up

Coyote Close-up

It’s interesting that Coyote should show his face at this particular time when greedy developers, ambitious politicians, jaded techies, and unprincipled government agencies are all working in tandem to exploit and destroy what’s left of the beauty of San Francisco. It’s happening at a feverish pace. I can’t think of it as anything other than an attempted gang rape. I’m sure I’ll be writing about it more in the future. It often makes me want to leave the city.

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5 Responses to “The Wild Coyote of Telegraph Hill”

  1. tz Says:

    Interesting that you should post this today…we often have them on our property, we respect their right to be here. Last nite, a single one was calling JUST outside our bedrm window. Our little dogs were very interested!

  2. derekdubolski Says:

    An interesting article as usual. I’m surprised there is only one coyote though. Here in Vancouver BC we have a flourishing urban population of coyotes, some sufficiently bold and overly confident as to be photographed in broad daylight. I’ve watched one on a sunny afternoon in Stanley Park hovering on the edge of a family having a BBQ and once encountered a very large specimen at 2pm on a park footpath that actually laid down only 12 feet from me and my camera lense! Unfortunately and inevitably there is a less pleasant aspect to their co-existence with humans; they seem to thrive partly on a diet of fresh domestic cat and have been known to attack small dogs, even when on leash being walked by their owners. A recent notice in a community park alerted people to the experience of one couple walking their medium sized dog off-leash at dusk and it being pursued by two coyotes who totally ignored the shouts and behaviour of the panic-stricken humans.

    • Sarah Says:

      Mark, the coyote you photographed looks adorable. I didn’t know we have any in the City. But derekdubolski’s interesting comment reminds me that looks can deceive! Would be surprised if San Francisco has as many as Vancouver apparently does.

      Where would you choose to live, other than San Francisco? To my mind, you are a symbol of this City. I keep forgetting you are a native of Seattle. Would you ever advise a Bay Area native to live there? Would you ever consider returning to Seattle? Why did you leave? Did winters in Jimi’s home town depress you – as in, make you SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?

    • markbittner Says:

      Sarah, one problem is that I don’t know where I’d go. I couldn’t handle Seattle again. I grew up in Washington State and the grey gloom and rain did depress me. All good changes happen naturally. I’ll see where life takes me.

  3. joe Says:

    I have no doubt how profoundly & deeply attached you must be to san fran,but near as i can tell,the real estate market’s become globalized,which means we’re all up for sale to the highest bidder,Any 1%er from Anywhere,the world is now their sandbox,the same catastrophe started descending down upon my old beloved city of montréal ’round about the 90’s,but there are still plenty of pockets for the hardy,poetic,original & courageous stateside,& if not,plenty of countryside up here in canada,for inspiration,see: :”garbage warrior”.

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