“140 Syllables” by Kenneth Rexroth

All my life I have wondered,
Why doesn’t somebody write
A terrible poem that says
In so many words, this world
Is a fraud, the people who
Run it are murderous fools,
Everything ever printed
Is a lie, all their damn art
And literature is a fake,
Behind their gods and laws, and
Pee hole bandits, their science
Is just a fancy way to kill
Us and our girls and kids.
What I want to know is why
Somebody doesn’t write it
All down in about twenty
Lines of seven syllables
Once and for all, and scare the shit
Out of all the dirty squares.


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6 Responses to ““140 Syllables” by Kenneth Rexroth”

  1. Brad Biggs Says:


  2. joe Says:

    Because sometimes one gets the impression that there are so many squares & so few & scattered of us round,octogonal,star-shaped pegs or other that it just leads to despair,& so we just start looking for ways to Survive,& keep body,mind & soul together,preferably happily,sometimes it just becomes a no-choice option.

    • markbittner Says:

      One of the problems with scaring the shit out of the squares is that it tends to make them violent. Ultimately, to bring a good idea into the world, people have to be convinced of the truth of it. We haven’t been too convincing, I think. The Yippies and New Leftists used to drive me crazy (and now the Anarchists) with their tactlessness.

  3. joe Says:

    i wholeheartedly agree,i was actually “awnsering”‘ kenneth as to why someone hasn’t written that poem yet,it’s true they freak when scared & so aggression isn’t recommendable,however,that river in egypt is mighty indeed (da nile;) & there is a responsibility on the part of the majority to Listen given that seekers generally pay quite the price for even the smallest nugget (of truth) discovered,seems only fair,truth shouldn’t have to be sweet all the time,in fact it often shines a light on what we’d most like to forget,myself included,one of the reasons i’ve followed your blog is your considerable strength in following your path regardless of the normals,easy when we’re 20,a whole other bag of marbles beyond 30! šŸ˜‰

    • markbittner Says:

      Yeah, and I guess I was saying I agree with Rexroth except for that last part. I understand the impulse though. More and more I understand the impulse.

  4. gone Says:

    aren’t the headlines scary enough? or are they too scary?
    and like the title to your piece: “We don’t want to know”

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