Progress Report #93

For the last six months or so I’ve been working on a package for my agent to submit to publishers. The package includes a detailed description of the book, an analysis of who my audience will be, an outline, bio, illustrations, and sample chapters. I had a deadline, which I met. Near the end it got rather intense. The day before I was too finish, my head started spinning as I was staring at the monitor and trying to finish typing a sentence. This was attributable in large part to the nature of computers. I find myself disliking them more and more. It’s like watching television all day long. But enough of that…for now. I’m taking some time off (not a lot) and then getting back to writing the book in sequence. (The sample chapters were all over the map, which makes them somewhat artificial, to my mind.)

At this point, my agent looks at what I’ve written and then gets back to me if anything needs to be buffed up further. If it’s okay, it gets paraded through the marketplace, where it is mocked and vilified by the postmodernists, but catches the eye of the right person—I hope.

Strange trip, writing a book.



4 Responses to “Progress Report #93”

  1. rainnnn Says:

    Since I am an indie writer, I find that also strange. Not so much the writing but the getting it out as nobody really has a say over what I choose to put in the book, not its cover or its essence. On the other hand, without a big publishing house behind me, I have to do all the marketing too. Writing is a joy. Marketing– not so much.

  2. Tim Mueller Says:

    Cooler and wiser heads will prevail and “Street Song” will be published! I’ve already made room on a bookshelf.

  3. Jared Burton Says:


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