Into the Arms of Mother

The starting point of the swim, with the finish line on the horizon.

The starting point of the swim, with the finish line on the horizon.

I successfully completed my swim this morning. 38 minutes. It wasn’t all that hard, but I feel wasted now. In a couple of days, I’m leaving for a week in LA and will write about the swim when I get back. (Judy’s new film Pelican Dreams is going to be released into theaters this fall, and we have to do some work on it down there.) I love open-water swimming. I couldn’t do the crawl before I met Judy. Now, I’m okay at it. Slow, though. I was able to do the 1.2 miles in 38 minutes because we swam it on a flood tide. It was astonishing how fast we were moving along the city shoreline. Fun to watch.



4 Responses to “Into the Arms of Mother”

  1. TZ Says:

    Congrats on completing a great swim! (Looks pretty daunting to me.) Glad it went so well. Do you know of any internet sites where one might view a video of the event?

    Wishing you great success in your LA trip.

  2. joe Says:

    dude!!!! you impress,man,maybe out in cali,but in general,at our age? outstanding,man,you sir,are an inspiration,looking forward to the book,hope the .6er quake didn’t leave any damage on your cabana,cheers,dude,keep rockin’ 🙂


  3. Lynn Duvall Says:

    Knew you could do it. But I might not have had such confidence if I’d seen the photo above. Holy Guacamole! And for somebody who couldn’t do the crawl not all that long ago. Very well done. The speed will come. The main thing: YOU DID IT!

    SF to LA – culture shock. Spent 3 months in LA visiting my sister and after the first month I was sick of sunny days. I’m a foglover, altho I’ve never had to drive in it.

    Saw the quake mentioned above. That was Napa, wasn’t it? At least if there was any “abrupt faulting and uplift” in SF I missed it.

    Carry on. Always a pleasure to see what you have to say.

    Lynn aka Too Far From the Ocean

    • markbittner Says:

      Judy and I just got back from a trip to LA. 95 degree heat. I always think I’ll like it until I’m in it.

      I felt the quake, but it wasn’t too bad here on Telegraph Hill. Sort of fluttering.

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