Speaking Gig at Evergreen College

For anyone within driving distance and who has the interest, I’m giving a talk at the Evergreen College Longhouse Education and Cultural Center at 7 pm on October 30. The theme of the talk is “Paying Attention.” It will be followed by a screening of the documentary film, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. I’m being brought up to Evergreen College under the auspices of the Willi Unsoeld Seminar Series. The event is free and open to the public. The address is 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, Olympia WA.

I’m looking forward to this. A breath of fresh air. Hope to see you there.


4 Responses to “Speaking Gig at Evergreen College”

  1. unhoppy Says:

    Such a nice treat for the students.
    Washington welcomes you anytime. As you already know, it might rain while you are visiting. But rain is certainly much better than drought.
    I hope that Judy will be coming too.
    It will be fun.

  2. unhoppy Says:

    I found the official Evergreen posting about this event. You are the first presenter for what looks to be a great series. And there was even a reference to your upcoming book ‘Street Song’.
    I hope that I will be able to attend all of the sessions in this series, but Ithat may not be feasible with my ever so busy schedule. At the very least, I will attend yours on Oct 30.

  3. unhoppy Says:

    A record was broken on Nov 16 in Olympia. 16 degrees temp. Old record was 18 degrees. Measured at the airport.

  4. Judy S. Says:

    I just finished reading your book about the parrots and loved it. I wish I had known you were going to be at Evergreen. Being a Greener grad, I would have loved to attend. Hopefully if you come back in the future, I’ll hear about it before instead of after.

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