Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right

The media talks about elections as if they were sporting events. Which team is going to win? Which one is pleasing the fans most? But it’s not like that. It’s serious business. Unfortunately, the fans have become inebriated. They want to feel good NOW. We have one party (the Democrats) that tries to serve both God and Mammon (Biblical language for money and worldly power) and ends up wispy and frightened. And we have another (the Republicans) that is all-out for Mammon, and therefore unconflicted—in an insane kind of way. When the Republicans are on the outs, they expend enormous amounts of energy trying to undermine the foundations and bring down the house. When they are in control, they pound the table, shouting “United We Stand!” It is not an exhortation; it’s a threat. I will never stand united with the Republicans. Never. Those lovers of Mammon can never represent me. If they do obtain the power they seek, then I go into radical dissident mode.


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17 Responses to “Lean to the Left, Lean to the Right”

  1. Tim Mueller Says:

    It’s too bad there aren’t greeting cards for Election Day. I would certainly be shopping in the “Bittner” section! And it’s too bad we don’t have a “Mammon Day”. Oh yeah, we do: every day. Well, it’s technically NOT a holiday…yet.

  2. Reader Says:

    I resent media outlets when they refer to elections as contests. The words contest and contests trivializes the political process.

    The U.S. is too big to be a democracy.

    • markbittner Says:

      I agree with you. And I would like to see it made smaller somehow. But not in the way that the right wing craves a smaller government. They favor a massive military and mega-corporations, but small government.

    • Reader Says:

      Oh, and I resent media outlets referring to elections as races, too.

      When extremists say they want smaller government, they mean no social safety net for the general public. As a result, we’ve got an unbelievably crappy health care system and expected lower life expectancy. I fear extremists want to gut public schools in favor of unbelievably crappy charter schools that have non-union teachers (= high teacher turnover) for which parents will eventually – eventually – must pay tuition.

  3. joe Says:

    “only those who work celebrate mammon,can’t make money if you’re Not working” in fact,i’ve been noticing a pattern of concerted efforts to Lock All of us in to a work/money/dependance system:there’s a woman in florida living on a fixed income who was literally Evicted from her own (fully paid!) home for trying to do without electricity or water from the city,(she’d set up really nice rain barrels & solar panels to save on bills) check it out on youtube; here in quebec i recently found out we are officially Forbidden to produce more than 15% of our own electricity –the rest we Must Buy from hydro!,on the opposite end,there’s a dude living all on his own in the old abandoned Packard auto plant in Detroit & he seems pretty happy (for all the difficulties) getting’ by on very little currency & being off-grid.you can also find that online,was interviewed by the lovely Antony Bourdain.It seems to me that the fear of being alone &/or unapproved of is the Mother (literally,the source) of All enslavement (save the threat of death,also efficient) i hate to quote an old right-wing stand-by,but it has more than a grain of truth to it:”freedom ain’t free” to this i would add Utah Phillips: “freedom is a given,we are all Born free,then you just wait for someone to try & come & take it away from you,& the degree to which you resist is the degree to which you are free.” this is why i admire mark & can hardly wait for the book,he may have been feeling lost for a time,but he never gave up his search & he never gave up his freedom.

    Hasta siempre! 😉 joe.

  4. markbittner Says:

    Yeah, there is a concerted effort to lock us into the work/money/dependance system. And I always assume that the people who say “Freedom isn’t free” mean that you have to kill somebody to attain it or keep it, which isn’t freedom at all.

  5. joe Says:

    well,pretty obviously i’m not of the “yippee! let’s go to war” persuasion,but what worries me lately is that it’s almost as if the extreme right wing are Trying to push the rest of us into a no option/martin luther king is no longer enough position,both in the states & canada,i mean,making it illegal to feed the homeless? (florida),damn!(we’re living the same thing up here in certain cities!) it’s like the 60’s all over again! i’m canadian,so my use of the expression is different,i’m trying to reclaim it the way “gay” has been reclaimed,i’d add that “northern moon bat” for me is a compliment !(bats are gentle,Infinitely useful creatures,responsible for 80% of the world’s fruit & veg diversity) (the republicans meant it as an insult) But everybody wants a better world so long as they don’t have to give anything up y’know? their time,their comfortable salary,their job,their trucks,iPhones,big-ass homes,”cold&bitterpeace” family relations,& more than anything else,their (unquestioned) idea of who they are.I have many a friend who believes that simple legalization of the happy wacky will change hearts & minds all on it’s own,like the fabled “butterfly effect”,one can only hope…we can certainly use all the help we can get! The good thing about the left is that we’re open to critique,the down side is that we’re too easily divided,unwilling to reach across differences to others who agree with us about a Lot of things,just not All things,& this weakens us greatly i think,the right has no such compunctions;Martin & Malcom never said it was going to be easy,or without consequence,I’m not “working for the man” but any cop who backs legalization,any soldier against war are welcome at my table even though i’m Def an old s’cool “let your freak flag fly” beatnik/goth/hippie 😉 joe.

  6. Shelley Says:

    Democrats and Republicans represent two sides of the same coin.

    • markbittner Says:

      Yes. I grew up in a staunchly Democratic household. I was raised to despise the Republican Party—and it took! It was the only thing my father and I ever agreed on. But I’m registered as an independent now.

  7. Sarah Says:

    Mark, have you read the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s review of Pelican Dreams? http://blog.allaboutbirds.org

    • markbittner Says:

      Yes, we have. Wonderful review. Nearly all the reviews have been very good. That was one of the best.

    • Sarah Says:

      Mark, this is just a heads up in case you and Judy have not seen this favorable write-up.

      Tonight I saw this write-up of Pelican Dreams in People:

      Pelican Dreams – a fascinating odd-duck bird.
      Movie. Documentary.

      Focusing on two pelicans that haven’t had much luck in the wild, this simple, affectionate movie is a far cry from a high-def Discovery nature special, but there’s something poetic in the way director-narrator Judy Irving identifies with the birds’ need to fly or, barring that, accept the care of kind landlubbers. (Nov. 7, G).

      —Article: People picks, no. 12. Source: People, issue dated November 17, 2014, page 51. Article includes the movie poster photo, with the caption: A pelican among people.

  8. PhilR Says:

    Bravo MarK, you nailed it in a few sentences…and bravo also to Judy and the Pelicans
    from PhilR in France
    amitié to both of YOU

  9. Linda ladeewolf Says:

    I think both sides lost in this election. The democrats more than they know. It was the immigration thing that killed it for them. Obama will not listen and he is rapidly selling the rest of us out. The sad thing is he will kill it for the next democratic candidate. I believe that all his executive orders should be set aside, else what is a democracy for. A few million jobs are coming back to America, and he has almost he same number of immigrants lined up for them, now he is offering tax breaks for companies that hire illegal immigrants, yes, I read somewhere that it will be for illegal immigrants. This will cut out those citizens who have waited so long for jobs to come back. The orders I read also said that these illegals will be given social security and medicare without ever earning it. I voted for him as the lesser of two evils, now I am uncertain, I’m beginning to think he is the devil in disguise.

  10. lynnesgarden Says:

    I am unable to hang with either tribe due to the immoral games they play. I can only identify with green party at this time and Bernie was and is my hero. However I think we should remember that we are dealing with a level of collective consciousness. And not allow ourselves to get caught up in the personality game. This level of consciousness parades by different names in different eras. And we must recall (to use the metaphor in your movie) that the droplets that cascade over the water fall will become one when they join the river again. Our droplet journey should be spent in outward practical ways of love and sharing and harmony. I have faith that one day all will see this.

    • markbittner Says:

      I can’t hang with either myself. I hope to write something here in the next month or so that explains in more depth what I see happening.

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