Swimming in the Rain

Swimming in the Rain

Mark and Judy Go Swimming. Photo by Emily Wick

In the drink

In the drink

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3 Responses to “Swimming in the Rain”

  1. unhoppy Says:

    Nice picture. I didn’t know that San Francisco had umbrellas. I’ve had my share of rain. But this week I’m enjoying a short streak of fairly nice weather.

    • markbittner Says:

      Lots of people here use umbrellas. I don’t. I used to tell Judy that people from Washington don’t use umbrellas. But I wasn’t sure if I was remembering that right. One year we went up to Seattle and there was a storm, and, sure enough, hardly anyone had an umbrella.

  2. unhoppy Says:

    I have several umbrellas but I never use them. I prefer a hooded jacket instead of an umbrella, similar to what you are wearing in that cute picture of you and Judy drenched and dripping. I know many people who do use umbrellas, however. It seems to be a dress code thing. The umbrella people tend to be less casual than I am. I seem to be the oddball as far as umbrellas go. I think it’s because I used to hike and backpack and I’m so used to the rain. Umbrellas are so troublesome when it’s windy, and hardly ever do I experience rain without wind.

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