Not My Way

For several days I’ve wanted to post something about Netanyahu. But I’ve been unable to get past contemptuous feelings and obscene phrases, which are not my way. So I gave up.


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3 Responses to “Not My Way”

  1. Margaret Benbow Says:

    It’s hard to know what to say about a war criminal whose perception about his own murderous misdeeds is so foggy that he somehow thinks he occupies the moral high ground. As for his arrogantly tweaking Obama’s and America’s nose by accepting Boehner’s foolish invitation to speak–I kept thinking of a blunt old saying: “Don’t shit where you eat.” He’ll do it once too often.

    • markbittner Says:

      He’s an egotist. A monstrous egotist. Things never turn out well for such people. Unfortunately, they bring a great deal of harm to others on their way down to hell—hell being the moment of death, when you have to give up your ego and endure the terror of feeling that you’re about to be annihilated.

  2. Shelley Says:


    Your words apply to both Obama and Netanyahu.

    The Americans will come to understand this sooner than later.

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