Easy Way Won’t Help

Why Buddha told us the Four Noble Truths is to destroy our easy way of understanding of life, scientific understanding or philosophical understanding. Those understandings are the easy way, you know. Without any effort you can read books [laughs]. Even though you are lying down you can study. Very easy. But it will not help you, actually will not help you.

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (from David Chadwick’s site about Suzuki Roshi, cuke.com)


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4 Responses to “Easy Way Won’t Help”

  1. Lynn Duvall Says:

    Easy way, of course. Didn’t listen to the Israeli p.m. campaign speech. Was called to another room to dust Kwan Yin, but I have been paying attention.


  2. joe Says:

    a few jumbled thoughts:

    do any of us,(other than the stunningly immature & underdeveloped) truly expect easy?
    wyatt earp:”all i wanted was an ordinary life…”
    doc holiday:”there’s no such thing,wyatt,there’s only the life you get,(-who you are)”
    one’s “salad days” (young,poor,struggling) are often remembered as the happiest,because we were busy growing,learning,& gave little thought,(or a whole Lot of thought) to death.
    “life is a process,enjoy it,it only comes around once,wishing for more is a waste of time (non-refundable)”
    nothing is perfect,so Alone is gonna happen,we should all learn to enjoy our own company.
    the other (dr david) suzuki,never lightened the load,but increased my appreciation of it.
    a certain amount of poverty,struggle,& effort is a Good thing,it clarifies what’s Truly important,whereas anything more than moderate material comfort or currency easily deteriorate our health & thought (too busy digesting ;)!
    human beings are funny creatures,we need to learn to push Ourselves just ’cause it makes us happier & healthier,& often provides perspective.
    I’ll bet there were days when it was just you & the parrots at your old “found” house on the hill that were absolutely splendid,thoughtful,enlightening,when you were truly at home with your life,do any of us truly need more?


  3. Shelley Says:

    “do any of us truly need more?”

    as long as the need is an individual, not collective decision.

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