Quote from Suzuki Roshi

The basic teaching of Buddhism is the teaching of transcendence or change. Everything changes is the basic teaching and this truth is eternal truth for each existence. No one can deny this truth. All the teaching of Buddhism can be condensed into this teaching. This is the teaching for all of us and wherever we go this teaching is true. This teaching is also interpreted as the teaching of selflessness because our self nature, that of each existence is nothing but the self nature of all existence.

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

Thanks to David Chadwick who puts these up regularly on the What’s New page of his site, cuke.com. I want to add only that you could replace “teaching of Buddhism” with “teaching of Christ” or “teaching of Taoism” or several others. There is only one religion, and it doesn’t have a name.


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3 Responses to “Quote from Suzuki Roshi”

  1. Dynamite Cube Says:


  2. Lynn Duvall Says:

    There is only one religion, and it doesn’t have a name. — I’ve felt this since I was a child. Thanks for giving me the words I’ve needed to express it.

    • markbittner Says:

      I should have added that I am not “correcting” Suzuki Roshi. He has said this himself. He said that Buddhist teaching is a raft, something you can abandon once you’ve arrived at the other shore.

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