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Progress Report #99

September 17, 2015

Getting to this blog has been like trying to get off a packed subway car. I get an idea and work on it in my mind. But when the train pulls into the station, the doors open and close before I can get out. The crowded car is my work on Street Song. It overwhelms everything. Sometimes I want to give up on this blog, but something inside me won’t allow it. So I’m going to do another progress report.

Tomorrow I leave for the Mesa Refuge, an artists retreat. For two weeks I’ll essentially be taken care of and have the solitude I need to work on this book. It’s been a long and difficult struggle, much longer and much more difficult than I ever dreamed. I’m over nine years into it now with at least one more year to go. I have the first seven chapters essentially done, and two others that come much later in the book in essentially final form. I’m going to use these two weeks to refine that work. Those first seven chapters are the foundation that the rest of the book is built on. They need to be exactly as I want them. The Mesa Refuge is in a rural area, so I’ll have plenty of peace and quiet. Because it’s impossible to work the whole day, I’m taking my bicycle. It’s a beautiful area for both writing and riding. When I come back to San Francisco I should be quite tuned up. I don’t have any interruptions after that and I hope to make strong progress. I hope before the end of the year to have a contract. I’ve been working all this time without one. I’ve been showing Street Song around to a few people, and the responses have been quite favorable. I’m hopeful for this book.

If you live in the San Francisco area, toward the end of October, I’ll be doing a reading from one of the chapters at an art gallery here. Details to come in early October.

Until then, Mark!