Progress Report #103 (Where is He Now?)

I’ve been making good progress. I just finished what I call Section 1, consisting of chapters 1 through 14. That’s between a quarter and a third of the last draft. But I have too much book in this first section. What I intend to do next is read through it and spend some time cutting, compressing, and removing any repetitions that have worked themselves in. Then I move on to chapter 15. The pace is picking up because I’ve reached a point, working from the previous draft, where I’d finally evolved a method that allows me to do more editing now, instead of rewriting. A subtle difference, but an important one. I still have another year to go, but I can see the light.

Sorry to put this up here with so little notice, but I’m reading from Street Song tomorrow, September 8, at the Presidio Officers Club starting at 6 PM. The event is free, but you have to reserve a seat. You can find all the information you need right here.


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4 Responses to “Progress Report #103 (Where is He Now?)”

  1. Timothy Mueller Says:

    Fire granted the rounder of the first wheel the opportunity to work late into night. Thus, the evolution of Method began. Glad to hear that such evolutionary concerns are in such capable, knowledgeable hands.
    Good news, indeed.
    Good luck tomorrow evening!

  2. Margaret Benbow Says:

    Acute observations take time. I’m glad (but not surprised) you’re writing Street Song with the same integrity that went into your Wild Parrots book. You have a gifted eye which sees others sharing
    our wild earth without sentiment, without prejudice, but with justice–as they are.

    • markbittner Says:

      Thank you Margaret. It’s like riding a wild horse. I just go where it takes me, while hoping to exert at least a little control. I’ve gotten to visit some places I would not have otherwise seen.


    I will be delighted to read your Street Song once you have completed it. I am sure it will be worth the wait. Take your time. Just like befriending the conyers, some things are a slow bake. It keeps them tender and delicious. I wish all power to your pen, Mr Bittner.

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