Progress Report #108


My work-in-progress, Street Song, has four sections. Today, with the completion of Chapter 28, I finished the third section. So I have just one section to go. The light is getting brighter. This last chapter was particularly grueling. Day-to-day reality got in my way a lot—as it tends to do anyway. But I think also that there is an arc to the story that my psyche resonates with as I move through it. As I come to the end of a section (which is never arbitrary) I feel the exhaustion that comes with the end of any period of life. Section Four promises to be the most difficult of the book—15 chapters, most of which are relatively brief, but unusually intense. Strange occurrences call for careful depiction. Otherwise you sound like you made it all up—which I didn’t. But I need a few days r and r first. I’m so tired…



4 Responses to “Progress Report #108”

  1. Patricia Says:

    We are all tired…it is the state of the world right now!!!

  2. stiegem Says:

    We get by with a little help from our friends… and beloved ones. Rest. Let them surround you, especially the conures! ❤

    • markbittner Says:

      I understand why writers go insane, drink themselves to death, or blow their brains out. It’s a lonely undertaking. If you don’t have friends, you’re really screwed.

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